Reviving thralls,Enchanting thralls and thrall levels

I want to make my a thrall stronger. These options are for combat thralls only. You find a thrall you like. Perfect hair style and ect. What to do to make them better? I know enchant the thrall. Enchanted thralls are thralls that can be enchanted and heavy custom. 1 enchanted thrall to each player. Enchanting a thrall isn’t as easy as capturing then. You need a mad doctor shrine. Maxing an enchanted thrall requires alot of demon blood,dragon bones,dragon horns for just the basic. Monstrous enchanting thralls requires more. I wanted to add player made golems but this allows for a dark take on science. Reviving thralls isn’t going to be an easy task. Reviving thralls requires a gem to be inserted and surgery attached to your thralls at a mad doctor shrine. You must sacrifice a thrall of equal rank of the thrall you are trying to revive at a mad doctor shrine. However enchanting thralls just requires a thrall of any rank to be sacrifice to revive a enchanting thrall.

Combat thralls should gain passives exp to level up. Max LV up to 10. Max HP is 1000 for all thralls no matter the rank.

The mad doctor shrine is tier 3 type of building. So it has huge HP. The mad doctor shrine is a enchanted thrall key weakness. Some of you are like what?

Destroy a mad doctor shrine and thralls with the large gem in there backs can’t be revive. They are destroy. Those thralls you surgery added a gem to explodes when mad doctor shrine is destroyed. The enchaned thrall falls over and turns to stone until a new mad doctor shrine is built. Yes enchanted thralls can die. There gear doesn’t drop. It’s soul link to them.

Let’s talk about Monstrous Enchanted thralls. An enchanted thrall is still human. Monstrous enchanted thralls are on a new level. Claws,mutations,fur/scales/etc and new abilities.

You create monster parts from resources collect from creatures.

All the parts have a set they can follow. The parts replace armor and weapon.

The final result is a naked uncensored thrall. Monster parts shows no nips or gentility. It like being in a latex skin tight suit without a wedgie or nips showing. You see nothing.

No comments? Mad Science to bring the dead back to life.

There nuthing stopping you from firing up dev kit and try to make this. Although If id have to guess the revive part would be easy All you would need to do is store the thrall information Important info and just spawn a new one base on the information. That part is easy.

But your idea…Is alot harder since you want to revamp how we have progression set up for thrall…Although they did start with an idea of a ten tier level trainable thrall It exist as a enumerate switch but they scraped it in favor of quick 1,2,3,4 legendary tier.

And where is this ps4 dev kit?

I want to keep tiers and add LVs to thralls. The opposite of scarping. The LVs are for combat thralls. You know fighters and archers.

The problem is you didn’t read THE FULL TOPIC. You scan through it. If you did read you know that it never says anything about replacing tiers.

While I’m not so sure about enchanting, although it might be something that could be looked at if sorcery is ever implemented. I would love to see combat Thralls have the ability to level up. Rather than passive I’d like to see them level as they come with you on adventures and fight creatures similar to the way you do.

I’d love to see thralls taken early game that survive still be viable late game because you were able to level them.

Two other things I’d like to see added to the thrall system is the ability to name thralls levels I-III, or rename named thralls if we want to, and a server option slider that could allow more than one thrall follower.

Rank 1 thralls have 75 Hp. I want passive XP gain as well as active exp gain for combat thralls . The max thrall LV is 10. This way combat thralls become stronger, but not OP.

One enchanted thrall per player. The enchanted thrall was made for sorcery. The revive thrall gem was made to bring a thrall back to life.

This is conan exiles after all. To revive there must be a thrall who has there will broken be sacrifice. One life for another. the shine name is a temporary name.

I’d love being able to level up your thralls. It would finally make them decently useful. And maybe give you the option to name a thrall once they hit max level.
Also loving the idea of thrall resurrection.

The reviving thralls need to go onto the mad doctor shirne. It more of a operating table and lab. It is as big as a shirne. Thralls must be naked (no armor or weapons) to do surgery on them. Remember reviving a thrall must have a thrall of equal Rank to be sacrifice.