Rework of the Attributes


The current attribute system feels a bit like … “here you go”.

For a survival game it is important to specialize your character.

Currently it looks like this: Combat Spec or Gathering Spec.
With a simple potion everything is reset and accordingly the points are redistributed.

I find this to be an antique system.
As an addition to the game and for more depth, what’s wrong with providing your character with two types of level ups?

Let’s call them simply: Combat and Lifeskill.

Combat is promoted through active combat and lifeskill through activities like gathering, building, cultivating, planting and whatever else is possible.

Each of these categories brings its own talents that you can distribute yourself.

Combat talent points are given out as an example for:
10% more health
Light attacks cause 5% more damage
Increases the range of the dodge roll.

Lifeskill talent points for:
You need one less mining step to mine the deposit
You get 5% extra wood
Fish have a chance to run into the trap without bait

level advancement can remain at Lv60 and you get one talent point every 2 or 4 levels according to the total available talents for Combat and Lifeskill.
Alternatively you can offer talent points after each level up and that there are several ranks of talents where the effect stacks up the more you invest in that talent up to three times as an example.

A spontaneous idea to bring more depth into the game. :slight_smile:

This reminds me the crystarium of Final fantasy . No matter if you started the player fighter , healer , or mage , at the end all of them where very powerful on each , the difference was on the ability number that the players had … still … that’s an old system too :rofl::rofl::rofl: .
It is a brilliant idea however , I have to admit but it would change the philosophy of the game , or better we have to change our habits in this game ,so all I can see is a storm of whining :wink: .

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