Roleplayers! Beware of "Lands of Tyranny"

At first, Lands of Tyranny will be a marvel for any roleplayer. Tons of lore, a cool dice system, frequent updates to the mods they use and in general, it was a good place to hang around and meet likeminded individuals.

Though, the fun will be at an end the second you start interacting with the staff. I joined the server a month or so after its launch. Soon me and a couple of friends met other players to slum it with and start guilds and interesting story arcs. Those arcs unfortunately would come to a screeching halt once my friends started leaving the server because of the treatment they received from staff. Back then, it was at the hands of the server owner and their senior admin and dice developer. Their responses in tickets would always be emotionless and robotic.

There is a known toxic fellow in the RP community, known for heinous acts throughout the community, acts that we had to uncover from different servers in order to make a case to get them banned from LoT. We succeeded after a bit of headbutting with the server owner. But said individual returned on an alt account, and staff knew for months who he was without banning him. In fact, we were the players who figured it out before staff did, and despite proof being presented , they only acted on it after months.

That isn’t the biggest problem however. The server owner is incapable of separating his staff from his players base. I have screenshots of him saying that him and his staff are biased against my friends during a ticket in which they allowed a different clan to dictate what happened in our outposts (without RP mind you). I reported another staff member directly to the server own for toxic behavior, which was simply ignored because the staff member was his friend. He also changed the lore on the “Ilthir” in order to chase a different ilthir clan off of the server, instead of warring with them and engaging in RP. The staff are serious play to win minded and support each other in their shenanigans, those who speak out against it will be removed from staff no doubt.

Know that I do not make these accusations without proof, other players on the server can corroborate these claims and have screenshots of the channels in which such things were discussed. This is simply fact at this point.

Head of the Disputes team has been witch hunting players for months to attempt to get them banned from the server, fortunately, many of these attempts has failed, others might not have. They frequently talk about rules being obeyed on the server that they themselves have broken on multiple occasions. For instance, whenever he encounters a threat, he is well known for teleporting his friends to them to gank it. It’s so laughable that I’m fairly certain other staff members know about it.

The narration team is more often than not a disappointment. They frequently misunderstand their own lore, especially sections where something is written in a way that is not “what it’s supposed to mean”. They talk about how important narratives are, which is true on any RP server, unless of course, they are pushing a narrative. Your narrative would never be as important. Especially when they only give other narrators in the team their backing. I distinctly remember while I was playing a Centurion how many times I reached out to staff for assistance to grow the Imperial RP on the server, nothing happened. When the narrator with the backing of staff however decided to play Empire, half of them created imperial alts to pad their numbers. More recently, they have started to swallow up a ton of anti-empire clans and forced them to become legionnaires, damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Disregarding months worth of RP, character development and arcs. And when pressed on it, their responses were simply “Do understand we are creating a narrative here.”

That is the sort of people running the server. I should have seen the warnings when one by one my friends started leaving the server because of staff targeting them and being generally toxic.

I had mentioned the things I post here on their discord, instead of engaging in conversation, they ghost banned me and deleted my post. I don’t care, I haven’t roleplayed in months, but the truth about them needs to be out there.

Lands of Tyranny is a great server, until you run into staff.


As a former player who has encountered much the same problems on that server, I can wholeheartedly agree: avoid going there, the name of the server is not misleading. You will be met with admin tyranny that I have not witnessed on any other servers before.

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I have been on this server. For over a year, before the voice of reason in my head finally got through my thick head, and pushed me to quit the server which I should have done a long time ago. Everything in the post above I fully agree with, because I have experienced the spiralling downfall that Tyranny’s owner has put the server through, as I had been a steady player in the server’s time where it struggled to reach a player count of just 10. I have seen and I have heard of a multitude of clans taking their departure from the server, as soon as they ran into the staff team. I have made friends on the server that personally told me in DM’s, how one specific person on the staff team was creating a witch hunt to prevent my friend from joining the staff themselves, and later on trying to run my friend off the server, which to the date I am writing this, still hasn’t been succesful.

It is absolutely disgusting that this sort of biased, childish and completely incompetent behavior from a staff member is allowed. I was involved in the affair explained above, in getting this harmful and toxic player removed from the community, so I can safely say that I have experienced the best of the best that Tyranny’s team can offer. I could go into details of how furious the interaction with the team has made me, stories of how they carry out their staff ‘duties’ in the most ridicolous ways, but that would quickly become a novel of several pages. Instead, I would rather focus on the source that allows these people, these severly unqualified staff people’s actions.

To be blunt and straight forward about it, it is the owner and creator of Tyranny that has allowed all of this to happen. Having interacted with them privately in the past, it became very clear that they simply are not comfortable with confrontations, and therefor leaves all the struggle and lashback, contructive critisism and whatnot, to those under them, without taking a look at how his -own- staff that he hired, conducts themselves with the playerbase. That doesn’t they should not be allowed to make a server, but it certainly makes it clear that they are not qualified, and directly has a negative impact on people’s experiences. He has also made it quite clear, that if people does not like it, they should just leave. While that is true, what kind of server owner with respect for themselves, handles any critisism like that? In all of my time on Tyranny I learned very quickly, that you either nod and smile, or you get booted. So Tyranny truly is a fitting name. I have been on many Conan servers in the past, but never in my time in this community, have I come across a server owner and staff that were so entirely deaf and ignorant of their own flaws. And you could try to explain this to them in the nicest, mildest way conceiveable, but it would still result in you getting on their ‘bad side’. And getting on their ‘bad side’ means that you will become a target for their bias, and basically lose all hope for any help you require, with ooc disputes, other players, ingame mechanics, etc.

I’ve been ranting enough, but I have desperately been wanting to give my two cents on this. A final thing I wish to mention is, that whenever I come across someone who has played on Tyranny, the two words I always find to be a common thing in their reason for having left, is ‘‘The staff’’. Do you want to rp carefreely? Don’t bother with them.

I closed this because your point was made and anything further is unnecessary. I do genuinely hope you have or will find more hospitable places to play.