Runtime Error Unable to Play Game

Starting a few days ago I have been unable to login to the game. I’ve gotten as far as the loading screen before there is a runtime error and I’m kicked out to the desktop again. I’ve tried the typical troubleshooting of checking everything is updated, game files are okay etc.

I can’t upload an image because I’m new so I can’t show you the error. Very Frustrating.

Hi @lorehor. I’m definitely not the most equipped to help you, but I wonder if there’s anything useful in this thread: Game is constantly crashing-runtime error

Also, you might try searching on the forums if this doesn’t help.




As @Blodwedd said, you might be experiencing problems if you are running the latest Nvidia graphics drivers. You can use the March 2019 or earlier versions to try to resolve.

You might also have problems if you are trying to run SWL via Steam with Steam overlay disabled (I think I read that somewhere this causes problems). Enable Steam overlay and try that.

Another possible problem might be if you have any folders which SWL uses which have restricted read/write access. It uses an install folder and also a user folder in %localappdata%. You can try to move the install folder out to a non-restricted location.

Not sure what your install looks like, so it may be any or none of those. Good luck.