Saga Dueling Tourney details Round 2: Sunday Feb 3 @ 11:00 AM EST



Memphis told me he wants to donate his winnings to the Empire of Stygia so we can errect a statue of him in our guild city.

Send mail payable to Prince Ptah (please dont leave out the prince or it may go to a pretender!)

side note : Guess who was the patron deity of the city of Memphis?




HoX, PoM, and Necromancer still need to have their title bouts. I’ll be in the studio and on Saga of Blood this coming Sunday, February 3 starting at 11:00 AM EST (17:00 CET). The top leaderboard players for those classes have been contacted via E-Mail and we’ll accept walk-ins should there be issues filling in slots.


Hopping on now!



Thank you to everyone who came, fought, helped, and conquered. This has been quite the learning experience for me and I can’t thank everyone enough for their support and patience. Keep an eye out tomorrow for news on Saga of Blood’s sunset and news on future events and projects coming up.

Lots of love y’all. Congrats to the final winners:

Herald of Xotli: Barillo

Priest of Mitra: Gahzi

Necromancer: Styggaboy


Gratz Barillo :sunglasses:


Thanks! :slight_smile: