Saga Dueling Tourney details Round 2: Sunday Feb 3 @ 11:00 AM EST



I won tournament for conqs (Uebashka),but only got cloack,title and gold, Where are my boxes :slight_smile:


I gave them to you! :smiley:


it was Odonoptera,don`t know if it is you,but thanks anyway))) loot was btw :smiley:


Are boxes not gonna be claimable? It seems a little useless on pvp 10 characters :smiley:


agree,i got x4 25k skulls…


So who are the winners… what about highligt videos? Any news for us whos offline?:zipper_mouth_face:


Still working on final details, highlights won’t be out for a while since I have…a lot…of footage to comb though. Might have some runoff into the week for stragglers.


Cool! Lookin forward to thoose highligts👌🏻


Alright, due to some scheduling/time zone conflicts, the fates of HoX, PoM, and Necro are as-of-yet undecided. We’ll work to be in contact with players of said class on the Saga server and work to set up a time that works for everyone.

As for everyone else, the following players won titles for their respective class [UPDATED]:

Dark Templar: Odin

Guardian: Guise

Conqueror: Uebashka

Barbarian: Rakyr

Assassin: Allandir

Ranger: Sleves

Tempest of Set: Memphis

Bear Shaman: Chaiko

Priest of Mitra: Gahzi

Demonologist: Midian

Necromancer: Styggaboy

Herald of Xotli: Barillo


Hi, a correction,
Chaiko won the Bear Shaman, was in the final vs Camney


Damn… That TBD guy is really good





Thanks Sunstar, that was my fault. My brain’s been a noodle this week :sweat_smile:


Who are these people? I only recognize a few of the names.


Mostly people who don’t play since no one showed up


I recognize each of these names. They all played ALOT during EU times during the duration of Saga only Guise represents the great nation of America (no pressure necro!). I suppose thats what you get when you build walls!

Fortunately the Empire of Stygia never did build that guild wall!

btw Guise is like the AOC version of Rocky! MURICA!image


Hey Mr. noodle brain :stuck_out_tongue:

Give those boxes I’m supposed to get (Memphis)

Thanks for putting up with this bunch of lunatics btw.


Get back to work noos!



I’m having sooooo much work with the company takeover that I’m seriously considering buying some pitchfork to scratch…ehm yea while sitting at my office desk.


Memphis, did I not get you your boxes for 1st place? My bad if so. :ramen::brain:

I’m gonna work today to get people their PtG2 rewards and Nicole will be working to reach out to the top HoX/PoM/Necro players to organize a set time to meet up and get the title matches done. If people can’t show up then we’ll have to do open calls for challengers.