Saga of Zath Feedback


Yes why not? How should i compare it? Current players online with current players in RF? Don’t you think some people logged in just to do RF and nothing more? Maybe in this moment “RIGHT NOW” the RF players are 100% of the people logged in, but this is only a single moment. In 2 hours from now they are maybe only 50% of the population. This is changing all the time, but 200 players doing RF all the time are still 10% of the whole population of 2000+.


You can not tell how many people are queued in raid finder.
And yes you should be comparing how many are in raid finder versus how many level 80s are on right now …also comparing it to how many 6man groups are formed doing raids(non RF) and 6mans and minigames …at the time you are sampling … and you can’t use steam numbers as they don’t count all of us who do not access the game via steam.
As to what the other 90% of those in the guilds listed on ranking …say 1800 people are doing …it’ll be a mixture of sleeping, working, shopping, watching tv etc etc etc of non-AoC related activities…we aren’t all in the same time zone you know. (When you made your RIGHT NOW post, this one of the 90% for example, was cleaning window screens for my partners elderly mother on Easter Friday afternoon)
And if as you say 100% of those at lvl80 logged in just to do RF…well when that batch log off what evidence do you have or I have that the next batch who log will do the same or any different…
Your argument would be more convincing if you said “two RF running, plus x raids, x groups formed and x groups looking for ppl and x mini games running” …from what you write it supports the argument that RF is the only group content occurring Right Now when you looked.
It has become the dominating spontaneous content to the detriment of people getting the feedback they need from the game that they are playing effectively/well or whatever word you want to use to indicate you can “do what’s needed on that class” whether it be tank, off tank, heal&deal damage or pump out damage …

the real raids don’t give you damage buffs and health buffs when you fail…so when your group beats it after some wipes you know the instance was just as tough as when you first walked in so it’s your group that’s improved in performance and not some artificial modifier that has boosted you.


I’m talking here about the RF farmers, not those people who do 1 RF on Monday or 2-3 the whole week between their raids and other stuff. I see every evening i play that usually 2 RF are going on, 48 players + 150 are queued, (because as i said i will be generous today), and 150 is to high, it’s just almost impossible that 150 players are queued and there are not even 4 healers and 4 tanks among them so a 3d RF pops. I assume that those 200 players are RF farmers and they just log in the game to farm the RF, they just don’t play nothing else. You can put 'em all on ignore if you like, so you have nothing more to do with them. You still have a player base of 1800 players you can play with, doesn’t matter how many are online when you are. As i said forget those RF farmers they just don’t want to play with you and you not with them. They are still only 10% of all the players on Saga. As an extreme example, right now on Crom not a single RF is going on, does that mean that Crom is now clean from RF farmers? On Mondays almost everybody, 99% of the people logged in Crom do RF, does that mean that 99% of the Crom players are RF farmers?


Yeah indeed, its not closing the gap, just maintaining it


MMO’s always have a inflow and outflow of players, in a MMORPG that functions well the inflow will fill the guilds empty spots that come with the outflow of players leaving the game.

What happens with RF, is that the new players grind RF untill they have full T4 and get sick of it. Then they leave the game thinking they’re done with it, while 95% of the content is untouched.


And if they just leave the game? What does that change for you? They are just 200 players you never played with. But if, lets say only 1 of 'em stays and wants to play the remaining 95% of the game, it would be 1 more player to play with.


not sure if trolling, the problem is that the system only takes in 1 out of 200, while a working system would keep way more.

And i just wrote what it changes for me, my guild dies cos in terms of players its only outflow not inflow.


The only 1 is just metaphoric, they 're maybe 200 or 0 who knows?


you made the metaphor, and the ratio to go with it.


Just saying so you don’t think i’m trolling.

And about your guild, it seems that you people have already done what can be done in the game, so you have nothing more to do. The only thing that would save it would be maybe a t7 raid or a new expansion or something like this.
But you can’t compare those things with an RF witch was maybe a week of work.


I would have loved to see something like a T3 weapon in between getting a T1 and a T6.


Just make a vanila pvp server and I am in. Or revert to 1.4 for skill over gear gameplay… boy I miss those days… could not feel more hate for the changes made by Craig. Begining of the end that guy was