Saga of Zath Feedback


Yeah indeed, its not closing the gap, just maintaining it


MMO’s always have a inflow and outflow of players, in a MMORPG that functions well the inflow will fill the guilds empty spots that come with the outflow of players leaving the game.

What happens with RF, is that the new players grind RF untill they have full T4 and get sick of it. Then they leave the game thinking they’re done with it, while 95% of the content is untouched.


And if they just leave the game? What does that change for you? They are just 200 players you never played with. But if, lets say only 1 of 'em stays and wants to play the remaining 95% of the game, it would be 1 more player to play with.


not sure if trolling, the problem is that the system only takes in 1 out of 200, while a working system would keep way more.

And i just wrote what it changes for me, my guild dies cos in terms of players its only outflow not inflow.


The only 1 is just metaphoric, they 're maybe 200 or 0 who knows?


you made the metaphor, and the ratio to go with it.


Just saying so you don’t think i’m trolling.

And about your guild, it seems that you people have already done what can be done in the game, so you have nothing more to do. The only thing that would save it would be maybe a t7 raid or a new expansion or something like this.
But you can’t compare those things with an RF witch was maybe a week of work.


I would have loved to see something like a T3 weapon in between getting a T1 and a T6.


Just make a vanila pvp server and I am in. Or revert to 1.4 for skill over gear gameplay… boy I miss those days… could not feel more hate for the changes made by Craig. Begining of the end that guy was


I have to agree that 30 minutes is NOT an insignificant amount of time. As one of those who can, at best, play for a couple of hours a night, a 30 minute deserter tag is not something I can afford. This is especially true when you add in the wait time between signing for RF and it actually popping.


All I can say is this.

If it were not for the guild I am in coming here, I would not have stayed in this game if I had come on my own. The community is toxic. There are far too many older players that are outright hostile towards new people and they have no clue that THEY are a bigger roadblock to new players than the game is.

Vast majority of players are older players and there is next to no one for new people to “learn” the raids with outside of raid finder since everyone else is using raid finder.

its a trap you people have created for others. You created a large wall you never had to climb since you have been here for years learning with everyone else, the new people are the odd men out and the hate you spew is at times, mind-boggling for a game with such a low population.

You guys should be going OUT OF YOUR WAY to make sure as many people stay as possible. You should be begging Funcom to give new people even more to get them where you are even faster to help this game live longer.


Not my job to baby sit you, new players get gear insanely fast (10000x faster) than veterans did, and new players don’t even have to do anything to get it besides sign rf and go afk.

And what wall? besides the dozens of guides, youtube videos, specs showing exactly what to do? excuses and pointing finger is easy to do :stuck_out_tongue:


I am sorry but that’s exactly how to NOT keep the game alive. Giving away content for free all the time just kills off said content -> Just look at the raidfinder. There is no real use to go to the real T4 / T3 raids anymore because the RF is easier, faster and more “effective” because you can get a ring from it that is better than anything else.

If the raidfinder wouldn’t be there or if at least atlantean shards would be put into other areas of the game (T4 or T3 raids) then they might become attractive again, also the cooldown needs to be rearranged, 1 week lockout compared to the CD-less raidfinder is just a gap that is too big.

Handing out high tier items for free and making them even easier accessible than they already are is not the right way to keep the game alive, it might bring players back for a short amount of time but once they realised there is nothing else to do other than RF they will leave again fairly soon.


Can you give examples of the toxicity? If you mean the reaction you and your fellow guildi faced on the forum…not wanting to play with anyone from the community you just entered is not a good way to make friends. As is leeching from said community a second later. New players have three options: Learn to play all by themselves, learn from the internet, or learn from other players (veterans, if we can agree that a veteran is a player who knows more about the game than the new player). Your guild specificly stated that it does not want to learn anything from veterans or the internet…so what are you complaining about? You can not know what happens between new players and veterans. I do, because I am one of those hate spewing veterans who loves to teach new people. Look at how many people are posting here - 99.99% of the interactions between new/old players happens ingame, not here on the forum.

Can you be more specific about waht you mean by “where you are”? Gear? Exp? Skill?
As explained in many other posts in this forum: Veterans had a much smoother learning curve because they learned along the way, polishing their skills while waiting for new content to be released. New people can get gear insanly fast (Just some numbers: T4 FULL in 1 month compared to 2 years). Faster than they can learn how to play the game - and this is not just my opinion, you can see that everywhere in the game. People in full T4 gear (the highest gear a casual player can get, with or without raidfinder) who have no clue about absolutly basic things. Why would they, they never needed them. It is just too much to explain, too much knoweledge most of the new people are lacking, that you can not fit into a raid or dungeon explanation. Just take an avarage raidfinder and look for yourself (well, there it starts, you probably do not even know what to look for). There IS no learning curve anymore, the game does not guide you through tiers of progression anymore. That is a huge design flaw. And WE did not create this “trap”, we tried to stop that from happening. WE did not create this wall. We hate the raidfinder as it is, because it does not do any good to new players AND veterans alike in its current state.

Bottom line: To “get where veterans are” you have to LEARN THE GAME. Nobody can do that for you. You have three ways to do that, see above.


[quote=“Force, post:170, topic:78, full:true”]I am sorry but that’s exactly how to NOT keep the game alive.

And yet it works for so many others.

Black Desert Online, despite being an average game has far more players now than it did 2 years ago which was also more than it had before it went B2P which was up from before it was released outside of Korea. They give away an ungodly amount of free items to players every month and some months they have so many things running at the same time you have to juggle your bag/bank space and that doesnt even include the new/returning player only instance that gives a 100% combat xp to get them to a level they can play with people faster.

And because that wasnt enough they had a major patch a few weeks ago where they added transmuted item drops to the loot table that, a year ago, would have cost the average player over 2 BILLION silver to create on their own.

They did this because veteran players are so far ahead of new people that they could not actually EVER catch up, literally. The amount of money it takes to advance your gear score just 1 point is at insane rates and new people need a boost or they game quite simply will be an insurmountable distance for a new person to make. They know this, and did what is needed to get new people into the game.

You will find that a lot of other MMOs are/have done the same when they are facing a population issue. Heck, even EA is doing it and they are misers.


Yeah, log in and read chat. Half the people are either talking PvP smack or calling people noobs for RF and telling them to learn to play.

I personally do not have an RF problem as I do not take part in it, nor do I need or want the end game gear. The raiding I do is with guild members so there is no drama. And no, I am not interested in your opinion about my guild, my friends or anything else. I am not here for your approval hostility is expected, it reaffirms our closed guild mentality when people show they cannot stand people playing differently then they do.

All I am doing is giving another perspective, the thing that apparently is not wanted here for some reason as everyone acts as if their and only their views/opinions mean anything. One of many, I am sure, reasons why the games population is so low. A community that has narrow views drives people away.


If I was a new person just reading the forums, I would think your guild is the elitist one. Lots of helpful people on forums and in game. Seems the only issue here is trying to convince the rest of the population how special you guys are since you are a closed guild that doesnt want any help.


That’s not the case in AoC. As Kantakwa said, there are 3 points of progression: gear, AA, skill.

1/ Gear-wise, you can match the veterans in a couple of months, one if you’re lucky with drops.
2/ AA-wise, it’d take you 3-4 months to max out the PVE side and get some of the interesting AAs on the pvp side.
3/ Skill-wise, Funcom can’t help you. Veterans can, and we do. During Entity RF, I taught a new player about Bombardment and Quell the Ether. Last week, I actually took the lead of a failing RF (x3 buff on the Brothers) and everyone got their quest done shortly after.

But each and every offer of help that was given to your guildmate was turned down because ‘other people aren’t worth playing with’.

There are toxic players in AoC, just like in every game. They’re always a vocal minority. But you refused the help of the nice ones, and we’re not responsible for that.


In age of conan, you can get full T4 gear in a couple of weeks by just standing AFK in raidfinder. T4 gear has perfect strenth to do any content ingame (yes even t6 without a sweat). While I agree this gap between new players and veterans is highly present, Its not the gear being the “wall”. Its the fact that veterans play the game to enjoy its content, while many of the new players come for instant gratification, only seeing the rewards as mark of progression. There are games that are more streamlined towards that mentality.

With the insight that T4 gear rules, what else would you like for free?


In a game where there is no further progression in a sense of even higher tier raids you can’t give more stuff for free. If there were constant updates each year with a higher raid I would say yes, after some years you need to let people skip a certain step in the game to keep up with other (older) players but since we will NEVER get another raid tier (a financial report of FC stated that there wont be any big changes / updates made for AoC) and the last (highest) raid tier content is already ~2 years old you can’t make even more items easily accessible.
As I said, the RF already killed T3 and T4, the World Boss killed T1 - T2 and since T4 is better than Khitai and unchained gear the RF also killed off most 6 man instances.
You don’t need any AAs, gear, skill or EXP for RF, you can do it with a green geared character and quickly access one of the best armor sets in the game (most T4 sets are better than T5 sets since back then the T5 armor gave rune effects which is now a seperate item that you need to buy).

So no, you can’t give more stuff for free like other games because most of them still regulary get updates as far as I know.