Sap Vitality Hitting From Well

I died a couple of times in Darkness Wars dungeon. Each time I was in the well, I noticed I kept getting crit sounds and shakes as if I was still hitting the boss; my health also would not regenerate. At first, I wasn’t sure what it was because it was a bunch of small white numbers bouncing up from where the boss was. I finally realized it must be Sap Vitality because I was wearing four talismans with it and the hits were small.

I was recording luckily.

28 seconds in well. Health has not regenerated because still doing damage to the boss. Damage at top left of photo.

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The same things happen with almost all the dots. In scenarios, if you put dots on targets right before dying, good luck to get your sprint back after you rez.

The long-lasting dots like Sap Vitality and Dragon’s Breath are even more horrible to play with.

You say that, yet, I have never had problems with my health regenerating when I rez at the well.

30 seconds in the well before they wiped, and it was still going.

Do you play rifle? You would immediately understand what i’m talking about.

Yes. I play AR and Ele.

I guess I’ll search for these talis so that I can still help long after I die lol.

The Sap Vitality talismans are even more egregious though, because they last 20 seconds and stack. When the timer expires, it only removes one stack and the timer resets to 20 seconds.

I just did some testing against a dummy. Took a 2 minute parse, then had to wait 4.5 more minutes for the sap vitality talismans to stop ticking so that I could get out of combat.

Suggestion: when the debuff expires, have it do all remaining damage from all remaining stacks all at once, so that nobody gets stuck in combat for several minutes for no reason.

That suggestion will hurt the DPS of those who need to keep it stacked though. There must be a clean solution to this problem, let the team do some work on it maybe first.

I’m only talking about the Sap Vitality talismans, not other buffs. I don’t think there’s any build that needs to keep that stacked? And it stacks so quickly that I doubt it would ever fall off under normal in-combat circumstances anyway.

Sorry i wasn’t clear. What i meant is that i’d like to see a solution for all the dots / ground aoes keeping us in combat, by either making them ignore in / out of combat status (that way, we’d get sprint back regardless of having dots or not on the target), or by making them disappear instantly as soon as the owner dies (or leaves combat?).

Oh, sure, an overall solution would be even better. A targeted fix to how the Sap Vitality talismans work might be easier/quicker to code though.

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