Say yes to BLIZZARDS! :)

I was a desert rat - now Im a snow bird…
Would love the challenge of having Blizzards in the place of SandStorms.

Also… in the swamp: (swarms of mosquitos?)
ok - sound stupid? (Take a look at the behind the scenes, with Peter Jackson, of the old LoTR Extended scene footage - those poor peeps were being swarmed by tiny little creatures that truly made them miserable.)

note: Though sandstorm needs to be tweaked.
The whole shelter bit:
I mean you can be in one place with 3/4 and another that looks 3/4 and have none.
Its so fast, and you are running around like a headless chicken trying to understand what the game thinks of as shelter vs what looks like shelter! (hints, at least, to think like the computer?) lol!


I’ll say yes that adds more weather diversity to the game - particularly serious weather events.

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I like the idea but that it object can be worn as a mask for the sandstorm

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