Season 2 - the little nice details thread <3



I’ve mentioned recently how much of this content is ‘trolly’.

Oh you think you need to do a faction rep grind for weeks, months, just to unlock story and map, collecting points? Nah, don’t worry about it ;). (though there is optional grind)

Oh you think they’re really going to cut corners to the point of removing most to all faction-based mission reports? Oh you were just lacking signal, its okay again ;). (so just replay the missions)

Actually rather love that. Its sarcastic but not too mean, after such a long time without core story content.


I thought the “legitimate” way was going to be the normal, intended way and the “illegitimate” way was going to be the secret we’d have to find. Was disappointed.


Maybe in a single player game that’d work for me (grind or else find the ‘exploit’) but for a multiplayer game I actually just appreciate getting to the content I want - and for newer players later, them getting to content with other players sooner than later.


The details are what make this game. There are so many interesting ones.

1. Check the hopscotch in the basement (and also the nod to the Nursery).
2. The torture Polaroids on the wall in the basement.
3. The posters on the walls during Foulfellow and Gideon - future content??
4. The NPC Namsa at night in her room with the gremlin-demons


The bookshelves.

In Brother Charm’s warehouse. 50% Sam Kreig


UPDATE! Got a pic this time!

I assume this will read differently if you run through on a different faction:


In the Basement next to the computer there is a board with things attached to it. Among these things are a photograph of a young African boy flanked by what appear to be Roman Zombies. It has a not written on it that says something like “Me And Marcus”. Hopefully something we get more info on in the future!


According to Hess it reads: marcus, caius & me - 1978
There’s also a couple other polaroids lying around: Three on the desk appear to be pictures of Anastasia’s Wagon… might just be placeholder… might not.


There’s some familiar…

…song lyrics written on one of the cell walls in the Basement:SA%20Whisper


If you have the subtitles on…

…you’ll catch John in a lovely pun at the end of his phone call:


Slightly off-topic considering this is not actually in, but surely I wasn’t the only one hoping to see Bong Cha embarking on a new career in Morninglight telemarketing?



OMG, I didn’t even think to check back! That is awesome!


If you know who Foulfellow and Gideon are, then the Che/Jon alliance will come as no surprise.
The only question remains is: Who is the mastermind and who is the buffoon?


How did you get any of them to talk to you? I can’t seem to get this dialog.


I got the Dragon agents to talk to me on an alt by walking right up to them.


It seemed to trigger just by walking over there, but I think it’ll only go once per run. Had to replay the mission to get it again for the screenshot.


Has anyone noticed that dying at night in South Africa doesn’t resurrect you in Anima form? You’re automatically resurrected in human form at the nearest Anima Well.


Yeah, I wondered if that was an artifact, since night is instances and no anima form in instances seems to be the norm, or if there was a story reason for it.


The poor woman was messed up with enough, wouldn’t you think? She deserves a semblance of normal life after all she was put through.