Season 2 - the little nice details thread <3



This is a spoiler topic! If you’re reading, be warned, if you’re contributing, please use spoiler tags.

During the first night mission, I came across this scene looking in a window. Two little fiends (one behind the chair) scaring one of the other students!


Would Riley calling Sonnac a ponce and a ■■■■■■ count? (It’s the same voice actor. Geddit?.. I taught it was funny/clever anyway…)


There’s been more, but I’m still playing. One thing I want to note though, since I can’t seem to get her to say it again for a screenshot is that one of the prisoners in the basement referred to my character as a “fellow blue!!” :smiley:


All the references to Antarctica.
They are awesome if you are familiar with what went down there a while ago.


This is more of a call-out to us, but I noticed it regardless–

Che’s flight took a pit stop in Florida. So we kinda did almost go to Tampa for S2.


I love the fact we break stuff then next morning we get points for fixing it afterwards. We really should have hid that car battery and spark plug just round the corner to save us time.

Re the flight who else was whistling the Indianna Jones theme tune to that loading screen?

I’m pretty sure the remains of Berihun being just his hat is a reference to a trope, probably Indy again?


This Just In:


The names of the Hyenas that Bloodtalon summons.


Che mentioning (in one of the files) the Fountain of Youth in Guatemala as the source of Beaumont’s immortality.


This makes me think if there were plans to have Guatemala as a playable zone, but it was scrapped. We have Mayans assets, Eldorado and Mayan dungeon assets… Would be nice if sometimes in distant future we would actually visit this part of world.


As they said the agent missions allowed them to explore stories they wouldn’t have time to do full zones around, I think the Guatemala chain is them telling that story as it doesn’t warrant a full zone.


I know but sadly the Fountain of Youth legend and Mayans is something I am really missing as a playable area.


The lighting.

At night, looking up at Marquard’s mansion, even before everything goes straight to hell. If you’ve paid any attention to Tyler Freeborn, Walk Into Empty, or John’s AV Suite, you know what’s coming.



Anima form. LOOK UP D: D: D:


I just /reset to see, so worth it, thank you!


I didn’t notice this until I was watching Ocho’s livestream, but during the mission where you create graffiti, one of the images clearly reads “TSW.” <3


After you’ve completed DotM…you can still travel to New Jerusalem from Kingsmouth Airport. :slight_smile:



Also, both the cat in the Basement and the Filth dino bring to mind this lovely beast. Idk if it counts since it was kinda teased as possible future content forever, but I’m adding it anyway! My char may be in the shot, but is (Klaus) @Vomher’s pic.


So, I’m rerunning the missions tonight. The mission turn in text that used to be blank bc your phone didn’t work? At least for the first mission, I get text from my faction handler now! :slight_smile: