Secret World Legends Amino!



Greetings my friends. “i walk into newbies”. I’m Raven Delacrux, recent creator of the SWL amino community.
What is Amino?: Amino is a mobile app created for creating communities about everything, you can reguster with your mail and select the tags about your likes to have recommendations about cool Aminos community. Had spoken with devs and I don’t have problems of having created the community.

Why making this?: Only because it has cool and exclusive functions like making quizzes, total blog editor, ability of asking quick questions, and chats for roleplaying. I know this one last already has it Discord but the ofhers are free for doing anything you want about sharing ideas. Alao I want this world to expand through other networks for reaching more agents through world.

This is the code of the Amino: (it’s free for all and public)

P.D:We are only two members and we need some admins known as curators. If you want to help just send me an invite for chat while inside the Amino. See you soon agents (the code expires in two days but if you put Secret World Legends in the app searcher you can findit easy.)



Soooo… what’s the point of this over something like Discord?


It’s part of a network instead of an insular server. The possibility of new people discovering the game through it is higher.