Self Hosting/Playing Like Valheim - Practical/Fun?

My wife and I have been playing Valheim with each other, and I’m running a dedicated server that I don’t run 24/7 but whenever we want to play or occasionally have a friend join.
We aren’t interested in PvP, but rather the PVE, exploration and building.

Is this a fun and practical way to Play Conan Exiles? It’s hard to tell from what I’ve read whether this is feasible and is there enough content to make it worth the effort for this style of gameplay?

The only thing I can tell you for sure is that all the Conan exiles players that say that this game is unplayable, understand this after at least 5.000 hours playing it.
Go figure :man_shrugging:


I enjoy Conan for the PvE quite a lot. It’s a very fun experience especially for your first time through. If you plan on running a dedicated server then that’s the best option because co-op has limitations to it.

If you don’t plan on keeping up that dedicated server 24/7 then I would recommend changing some settings to fit that because a lot of stuff can take a while to craft, which isn’t a big deal when the server is up and it crafts while you’re not online but obviously if it’s down it won’t be doing anything. So I would recommend lowering the thrall crafting timer as well as the normal crafting timer to whatever you feel fits best. Go on the wiki to see how long stuff takes to craft and adjust it based on how much up-time your server will have.

Depending on how much you plan on playing daily I would say to buff the harvest rate to 2x as well just to make the typical boring bits of farming go by a little quicker, especially if you like to build. 1x can feel a little tedious unless you plan on playing for a couple hours or more per day and know the good spots. 2x is a happy medium, but any more than that makes it too easy.

Good luck in your playthrough!

We aren’t interested in PvP, but rather the PVE, exploration and building.

I’ve spent most of my thousands of hours doing that on a self-hosted dedicated server and I’ve had a lot of fun. I recommend most DLCs as they contain beautiful building pieces that often mix and match well. And Isle of Siptah is interesting to explore.

I’d say go for it :+1:

I played solo, albeit online but solo none the less, with the majority of my time being PvE for over 4000 hours. Valheim has nothing compared to the depth and sense of exploration CE has, especially your first time through. Double especially if you don’t google everything.

I also find the building far more enjoyable with CE. Start with some lousy sandstone box and end up with a truly awe inspiring castle/fort/town/whatever you can dream up.

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