Valheim - Take notes?

So, Valheim is doing a lot of things right. Maybe Conan Exiles can take some notes. Obvious differences aside, the game is fun and addictive with room to grow.

inb4 anyone else points out that giving some concrete suggestions would be more useful :wink:


There’s already a generic thread talking about Valheim. That too, doesn’t actually have any suggestions besides “Valehim good, take notes Funcom.”


Ya, inless someone points something out thats clearly a neat idea… so other people can throw there counter. Its kinda mute. =/

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I am playin the game a bit and from what I have seen and been through, the environment around you can be very dangerous. if you don’t build a fire right and ventilate it it can kill you. Felling a tree can kill you, and takes more time, there for creating a bigger window for enemies to come and get ya, lol. Swimming is a bit dangerous…run outta stamina and it could be the last thing you do. Fire burns if standing to close, but can also dry you out at the right distance. There are a lot of cool things in it that I have not found yet. Different enemies come out at night than during the day…if your lucky you might even get to see Odin watching you from a distance.

I’ve tried out Valheim, but I still think Conan Exiles is superior. Valheim graphics are ‘less’ (deliberate choice, but not one I like), the combat is not as good, the crafting system is confusing, the building is not nearly as polished or robust (let alone, finicky), and there are no NPCs to stock your settlement. Conan Exiles, however, could benefit from a procedurally generated map system with a good ‘fog of war’ to hide undiscovered parts. And Conan Exiles could benefit from real terraforming (like letting players build moats around their bases or carve out a portion of a mountain to make a ‘mine shaft’ or shortcut or even a settlement (I’m sure we could get come really skilled builders to craft something impressive like the ‘Mines of Moria’ from LOTR).

So, while I like the Viking theme and what it brings to the survival genre, I still think Conan Exiles does most of what Valheim offers, just a bit better (though, the survival difficulty could be turn up a bit more like Valheim does [trees take longer to cut down, but offer more wood, temperature changes can be dangerous, one can ignite oneself by their own campfire, losing stamina while swimming can lead to drowning, etc.] and stretch out the leveling progress a bit more so that its not so quick).


I’ve played valheim for 100 or so hours and conan for 4000 or so hours. Valheim is basically conan without all the unneeded fancy mechanics that don’t work. You can tame boars, wolves lox’s etc (i haven’t done it yet so not sure what they do really) Graghics are low grade sure but kinda cool in a way. The building isn’t as flashy as conan (they say they are fleshing out the system in the future) I was able to carve a trench out of a mountain, build my base in it with a connected sheltered harbor for my longboat and it looks appropriate for a vikeing themed build. There arent any stability problems as of yet and while quirky to some, the ability to build at any angle, 10 degrees, 20 degrees etc makes for some fun building options.
Crafting is a learn as you go adventure, when you find or loot something new you “remember” that recipe. The system is pretty streamlined based around 3 benches and a fermentation system and a farming system.
mining is an adventure in itself as you have to find crypts (mini dungeons) to find iron and you need to have fur armor to go up the mountain for silver. The crypts and some resources don’t respawn making it a nessesity to build a boat and explore the world (which is never the same twice) which is huge as it is procedurally generated.
Weather systems are pretty crazy…thunderstom’s, rain storms and 40 foot waves at sea. All of it seems to work without a hitch.
that’s a brief summery of course but it feels like conan back when conan began just without all the weird buggy systems and unneeded items. The skill system removes the need for 700 different weapons that are worthless at best to a core amount that improve as your skill in that category improves. 100 hours and i haven’t found a single bug, not bad for early access.
Basically I wish conan took the same approach.

Edit: I forgot to mention the purges. I have been purged 6 or 7 times by greydwarfs, undead swamp creatures and trolls, and all time it worked flawlessly, they spawned, did there business and when time was up they despawned leaving me to clean up the mess.


this is very subjective

what exactly? this is the suggestion channel so maybe… some suggestions?

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I don’t own Valheim, and haven’t played it, so I don’t know what the “obvious differences” are, nor what things it does right. So please enlighten those of us who may not want to buy another Early Access game - which things in Valheim you’d like to see in Conan Exiles.

Hey, a good game is a good game. I got Valheim because it looks good and is the genre I like. But let’s be realistic here: if CE did not come before it, Valheim probably wouldn’t exist.

Basically, it is standing on CE’s shoulders.

there is no arguing about taste, but what i have seen so far doesn’t look good to me, especially the player character and animations


Looking good in the sense of having the gaming elements I like. The verdict of graphics and animations is still out.

This for starters…

Valheim is the only game purchase I made while intoxicated. I was winding down from a rough day, having a drink, and I got a recommendation via direct message from a forum-goer whose opinion I respect. Being more than a bit tipsy, I checked out what people said about it without actually checking out any videos (gameplay, trailer, nothing), and then bought it.

I’ve got only myself to blame, I know, but it was hilarious when I installed the game, started it, and found myself playing something that looks about as visually polished and enticing as a PS2 game. Now, I’m not graphics snob, and I realize that they made a conscious choice to focus on gameplay rather than visuals, but the least they could do is for the graphical side of things is make the HUD and the GUI look less like “programmer art” and more like a game :wink:

Speaking of gameplay, I futzed around with it for a bit, and I might have to try to overcome my biases and give it a second chance, but I found the overall experience underwhelming so far. As a sandbox game, it lacks the freedom of building I get from games like Minecraft, No Man’s Sky, or even Conan Exiles. As a survival game, it lacks the edge-of-your-seat tension of Don’t Starve. It’s single-player, so I don’t get to interact with other people. In other words, it hasn’t checked any checkboxes for me, at least so far.

Some of the things I’ve read here sound encouraging, starting with the fact that people aren’t complaining about bugs, despite the game being early access. Then there are other things that sound interesting, like sailing on a longboat, crypts and dungeons, terraforming, boss progression, weather, etc.

But there are also things that I’ve read that I dislike. Being unable to place a fire on a flammable floor, suffocating from an indoor fire without a chimney – those things sound like gratuitous realism. I don’t mind realism when it makes the game experience more fun, but the realism I’ve experienced in Valheim so far hasn’t been fun at all, and it clashes quite horribly with other unrealistic details.

Case in point: you can get killed by a tree. Is that fun? It would be if you could somehow influence the direction in which the tree falls, but you can’t. Why add the detail then? Another example: when I made my first crafting bench (forgot what it’s called), I couldn’t start using it until it had enough roof over it. Why? I have no idea. It looks like an arbitrary rule, and it certainly doesn’t sound realistic.

In the end, I might give it another go when I get bored of Dead Cells. But I do get the enthusiasm: if I could get a version of Conan Exiles that is half as bug-free and streamlined as Valheim, I would probably dedicate all my free time in the foreseeable future to that game :smiley:



Conan had the possibility of being a 100k+ player game but sadly due to decisions made it will be relegated to the 5 to 10k player base. Its actually a bummer, my friends and I bought this game day one because we could see the potential…kind of a waste.


I can’t understand the hype around Valheim. What’s so good about it? it looks like it’s 2 generations/15 years+ old.


I posted this in my other topic meaning to put it here in response to Dvaidp…

I would like to tell a story that I think sums up “the fun” factor.

You have just sailed across the ocean to a far off land in your trusty long boat. You have successfully plundered your way across the land and your ships hold and your inventory are stuffed to top with valuable resources…iron, silver, gold, gems, food stuffs, bees, everything you need. You mutter a thanks to odin for the bounty and begin to triumphantly sail home!
Halfway through the uneventfull voyage a terrible storm kicks up, the wind is howling, the waves are higher than your mast but you and your trusty longboat will persevere! Out of the corner of your eye, riding a wave straight for you is your worst fear…Sea Serpents! You abandon your tiller, grab your bow and start battling the mighty beasts. After almost exausting your store of arrows and your boat almost turned to kindling you are victorious and the wind switches in your favor and you begin limping twords land to make needed repairs. The seas are high but not so high that you can not see the shore and keep your bearings. Unfortuanetly the seas are high enough that you miss seeing a large rock in your way and your boat smashes into it finishing the job that the storm and sea serpents began, sending all your hard earned loot to the bottom of the ocean!

that story ends in 1 of 2 ways…

  1. You have enough stamina to swim to the shore but you aren’t safe yet…you are marooned and need to build a small base to get to a point where you can build a ship and sail home.
  2. You drown on the way to shore and end up at home empty handed with nothing to show for your adventure.

Mine ended in number 2…i call it seat of your pants gaming lol

In my opinion, graphics quality should not be the primary metric by which games are measured. The primary metric should be gameplay. So far, Valheim is quite a lot of fun to play. Does it have repeatability/longevity? I don’t know yet.

The more i play the more i like it, Valheim certainly did a lot of things right, so far my only complaints about it are some issues with the UI and that i can’t map the dodge buttons to a single one.

I have played alone and with friends and both experiences have been a lot of fun and i wish some of the features in Valheim were in Conan Exiles.

About the graphics, they have their charm, it doesn’t really looks that bad and there is a lot of detail and beauty, it doesn’t have to look realistic to be a good game.

Its mostly animations that bug me. They feel so outdated to ps1 days.

Style of art isnt bad. Zelda BoW, I could dream that engine reworked as a Surv game and be happy with style.