Server 1942- Ping Too High for Days Now...About to Lose My Base

I’ve never had much issue with the 1942 server having too high of a ping to play until recently. The server setting is 140…for the last few days my ping has been 145 and up. Hope this is the place to ask for server help.

I’m getting a little worried that my base is close to going into Decay state as I’ve not been on that map in a few days now…

Is there a way to find out what your Decay time is on each map…offline (Regular game and Isle)?

I used to be able to look at the Steam front page for the game and see how long it’s been since I’ve last played…but it isn’t map specific and since I’ve been on the Isle map, it’s resetting the timer.

I’ve also noticed that there are 0/40 people online on the server…which is very very odd…makes me wonder if anyone is able to get into the game.

Also…didn’t there used to be a ‘Refresh’ server button you could click to get new ping values without having to back out and restart?

If you wait for the entire server list to download, the refresh button will appear. Or there’s a long timer that has to elapse before the button will appear.