Server 3515 not working properly

I usually get on around 3am- 6am with only a little issue but lately I’ve been completely unable to play. As soon as I get in the buildings in my home refuse to load in except maybe the closest one. I am unable to move or even check if everything is alright even after waiting a good hour just rolling around so I don’t get disconnected. 3515 has had a lot of issues for a while now and it’s really hard to continue playing it like it is now.

Yea it really blows like I’ve said before the games got a lot of potential but they won’t fix it nor should we be the ones beta testing for them and I’m sure it doesn’t help the server with the trolls making diff accounts every day but hey I’ll keep refreshing and doing what I can till I can’t no more until then there’s always call of booty :smiling_imp: COME GET SUM! [SOUR]

I already realize that the issue is between 20:00 and 10:30 CET time in a daily bases

Just watched the livestream. Any news on whether or not the dlc or update will be something I can play? Right now I’m just biding my time and refreshing base timers

Well we are going on 3 months now and still no fix for the issue. Only time I can get on early enough is weekends and hope that I haven’t lost my stuff. This is getting to be horrible.

G-Portal will be performing server wide maintenance throughout today and tomorrow, which should improve the overall performance of all servers:

Let’s hope this works but honestly I’m kickin all the butts in war zone so I don’t mind just checking my bases in the mornings anymore then moving on, there’s really nothing else to do on Conan but ride around. I’ve been in all the dungeons, I have enough materials to build, arm and feed 5 nations and nothing to do with it all specially since I ride solo but then again I’m sure you guys can add something to do and hopefully sometime soon. :sunglasses:

Lmfaoooooooo I just checked to see if maybe you guys fixed it, I didn’t even wait, as soon as it started loading I pressed down and it crashed :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Can also confirm. Just tried it (after 1pm pst). Still infinite losing screen.

Issue persist i only can enter from 10:30 to 11:59 CET if i log off i will never login again. I see that pretty amazing loading screen.

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Game is still broken and now they won’t let you put in short answers on here

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Server 3514 is the same. Once you login you can never log off or you can’t get back on without the loading screen loop

well yesterday was the 1st DLC that i will not buy, after the update the black ice building appears a dalmata skin, game is not better, it is slower. I will play a little still when i can but i will not spend anymore money on this game. Im totally frustrated.

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They’re putting out dlc but can’t even make the game work

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Official Server 3514 isn’t working either, I’ve tried everything that they recommend but it just won’t let me in the server. I’ve tried getting in for 4 days now. And I’m worried that my base will decay by the time they fix the issue.

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Our stuff will decay and there will be 3 more dlcs out by then :joy::joy:

Can happen hahahaha my decay control is decreasing lol

Welcome to the Forum @MostlyGhosted we are all together on this issue :slight_smile:

I have been able to log in exactly one time over the last five days (while trying twice a day).

Look how much effort these people take free for you Funcom…
Look how many answers you gave about the server side is looking OK.

Do we have to sponsor Funcom for a PS4 to log in on the server or what?