Server load very slow

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: PvE
Region: LATAM (Brazil)

I am using Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.3.1)

I have a problem, I have searched forever before posting as not to aggravate anyone lol.

I run a personal server on a i7 octa-core setup with 16 GB of RAM on a 240GB SSD drive dedicated only for it (I have other SSD to operation system), all available cores selected. Fiber conection (240Mbps download / 120Mbps upload).

My server when reset takes about 24 minutes to load up and to be able to log in, other problem is the high ping with 16 players or more (only players from my country can join). I have 14 Mods only in this order (877108545,1396310739,2234744777,1268176328,1159180273,1419545442,931088249,1802389425,1797359985,1823412793,1734383367,1113901982,880454836,2230212084). I know of other servers with 29 Mods and do not have this delay to load. Before (after a wipe), the server loaded in 3 minutes only.

The question is i keep seeing these message below in the server window:

LogPackageName: SearchForPackageOnDisk took 10.696s, but failed to resolve BasePlayerChar_C.
LogPackageName:Warning: String asset reference “BasePlayerChar_C” could not be resolved.
LogPackageName:Warning: String asset reference “BasePlayerChar_C” is in short form, which is unsupported and – even if valid – resolving it will be really slow.
LogPackageName:Warning: Please consider resaving package in order to speed-up loading.

What does this message mean ?
How to do resaving package to fix it ?

Log File:

Google searched for this and came up with another forum post [1] discussing the same thing. Take a peek and see if that holds any helpful info for ya. Also maybe poke Ignasis and see if anything ever came out of that report, since it was back in Feb.

[1] Long start times after last patch, receiving error in logging: Please consider resaving package in order to speed-up loading

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Thank you @Eudas.

@Ignasi help me, please !

@Quietus Did you have any solution to the problem from your post ( Long start times after last patch, receiving error in logging: Please consider resaving package in order to speed-up loading) ?

Hey @KUR0S4K1

Could you send us your server’s game.db (in .zip or .7z form), ini files and mod list so we can relay it to our team and see if there’s an issue on our end?

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Hi @Ignasi, follow files, the mods are the same in both servers ok, same order too.

Today we had an update to the game and one of the mods (Pippi), and the latter appears to have problems and will be fixed soon, if you want to test without this mod, it will be better and I believe I will not change the startup behavior.

I await, please … thanks!

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Thanks for the file, it’s been relayed to our team so they can look into it.

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Hi @Ignasis, the list of mods used now is the one below, some updated, others not, but with or without those not updated, the behavior has remained so far, being the following:

Unlock Plus (with Pickup) (877108545)
Stacksize Plus (DLC compatible) (1396310739)
LitMan Increased Weight - Recompiled (2234744777)
Stun Bow (1268176328)
Fashionist (1.0 and DLC compatible) (1159180273)
CrossRoads (1419545442)
Better Thralls (931088249)
ThrallSideKick (1802389425)
Hosav’s Custom UI Mod - Revamped! (1797359985)
ModControlPanel (1823412793)
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal (EEWA) (1734383367)
The Age of Calamitous (1113901982)
Pippi - User & Server Management (880454836)
300 Level (1386174080)

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