Server Setting to Allow Logging Out Safely

I have a private server and the players (and me) keep complaining about taking damage/dying when logged out of the server by a sandstorm, starving, or whatever.

Is there a setting to prevent any damage or death when logged out of the server?

As the game suggests ‘make sure you log out is a safe spot’. As far as I know there is no setting that will prevent all damage while you are logged out, settings can reduce the amount of damage you take and lengthen the duration of you food and water.

Always make sure your food and water meter is full when you log out.
Always make sure that you are in shelter or wearing a sandstorm mask in not in shelter while logged out.
Always make sure your in an area without mob agro when logged out.
Best solution to all of this is to return to your base and log out inside of it, just not on the bed as there is a glitch that can cause death if you log out on a bed.

Set this option in ServerSettings.ini

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This… thank you.

I’ll be testing it this afternoon.

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