Server Transfer Changes suggestion

I would like to see it implemented so there is no limit on weight for transfering off of a pvp server to a pve-c/pve server or from a pve-c to pve, pve -pve ect. I get the weight limit restrictions with pvp to pvp. Currently a group can move from one pvp server to another with like 100 stacks for dragon powder, I haven’t done the math but as an example but moving off of a pvp server to get away from the cheaters I can only move like 2 stacks of building materials. Seems a bit silly. Please remove weight limits so myself and I am sure many other people wanting to escape the cheating chaos that is on the official pvp servers so I can start again on a pve-c server without losing everything I have gathered over the last several years. Its bad enough we have lost 80% of our stuff to non stop cheating since Christmas!

because you think cheaters do not use it, allowing shorter cool down or more weight transfer will benefit first to those who cheat and will bring more chaos & havoc to pvp server.

transfer should be forbiden for pvp server, only allowing going from pvp to pve, or from pve to pve

that is what I am proposing, moving from pvp increasing weight limits. Like away from pvp to pve or pve-c

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