Server transfer ever coming back?

anyone know if we are ever getting server transfers back?
it gets turned of to be “fixed” still nothing just more crap in the bazzar


No word on it for official. I am looking at it on private though.

Didn’t they disabled this feature because stuff from Siptah is a bit too op for Exile lands? I kinda understand it from pvp pov, but I don’t really see any harm transferring stuff from Siptah to Exile lands in pve.
As a “collecor”, it’d be so nice if they would enable it again. I want pets and those weird looking humanoids from Siptah so badly! People could say: Why not just play on Siptah? Well, I tried. But that map feels so dead and empty. And the whole floatsam theme doesn’t interest me at all. So yeah, let’s hope they bring the feature back. :crossed_fingers:

Yes and no. They had linked servers and unlinked servers so that people who didn’t have Sipta could play on Exiled only servers.

xD I forgot it existed! Omg what a diamond of a game in a pile of $#it company…

The reason it was disabled was because people kept losing their character during transfers…not because of Siptah items.


You couldn’t fight your enemies in pvp.
Clans were farming on safe server and transfer.
You could never find their base, because they didn’t have one on server they fought.
Just body vaults full of transfer

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Oh, I haven’t heard about that, only the stuff I’ve mentioned and what @Bambere wrote. Still hoping they’d bring it back :crossed_fingers:

Was too op for exile lands. Not anymore. Even if you’ll bring sigils now, because the eldarium weapons are crafted and the regular legendary weapons are way higher than anything, the game it self will make sure that you’ll loose your sigils before you know it. So now exile lands is more op than Siptah because the rng is way lower.

That is why they had none linked servers. There was no reason for someone who didn’t have Sipta to play on a linked server.

Had that happen to me (character loss on transfer) as a result of the poor design choice or limitation of deleting the character from the old server before the transfer completed. if ANYTHING went wrong and the transfer failed… the character was gone. Sadly, it apparently went wrong often enough.

This was an interesting community requested possibility, hampered by poor implementation and questionably lax rules, compounded by bad apples exploiting the feature.

Personally, I think it should only exist in solo/offline and PVE environments. PVEC and PVP should never have been allowed server transfers. again, just my opinion. Alternately, nothing other than the character itself, gear equipped, and while carrying a light load at best (no beasts of burden while carrying the contents of a base…).

My original thought was that the transfer would require players to complete the bracelet quest on the exiled lands, or complete a dungeon crawl involving ascending the tower on siptah. With the end result is the character arrives on the other map via one of the original siptah style ‘wild surge’ tornado portals in the sky at a random location… or arrive stripped off all gear as an exile in the desert or a castaway on the beach. instead… just a buggy rng ‘delete the character’ option.

So, I for one don’t miss it as an official feature. if it comes back, I hope it is in a more reliable and well thought out manner.

it’s fc typical procedure to punish the whole playerbase on behalf of those that exploit.
it is also fc’s typical procedure to NOT listen to the ones with legitimate concerns when they release new content and also they r unable to balance simple stuff.

so do not expect of this feature to retrun soon… maybe if the lead designer changes…

On a cynical note, this one expects transfers to return right before the next server cull.

Realistically, it does need some attention before being reactivated.
Beyound the chance that the character just was lost, the gear/sigils one could bring across was a bit concerning. The solution this one would prefer, parity between the craftables on both maps, was not opted for, so instead it would create another silly arms race.

In many ways, this one thinks Funcom may be trying to pretend Siptah just doesn’t exist.
Slowly atrophying any attention to the map, adding only the minimum for each Age. It’s on life support. Because it’s not considered an expansion of the main game, but instead a self contained DLC.
And as the powers that be have noted time and again, there is no incentive for them to add more to already purchased DLCs.

Normally they could recover from a server reset save from the previous day. They did this for me once and it was fine. However the second time I had it happen, I permanently lost an alt I used for transferring stuff. After six failed attempts to recover it over a span of a couple months, I suddenly saw them announce that transfers would be closed for the time-being. It’s as though they realized, “oh shit. This isn’t working. If it happened to him, it could happen to anyone.” I’m just glad it wasn’t my main character… still sucks though.

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