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when i pull with my fixer from avalon to meetmedere… tap item mish. its around 20500 reward and can pull 4 mishs that are very close to each other. makes it easy to multibox and get all chars in :slight_smile: some random mishs in aegean i guess give over 22k, but thats far away.

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Honestly, I think SL could be great if it wasn’t quite literally a zone to go to and get power leveled from level 90-160 and skip 1/3 of the level progression. I don’t think it’s healthy to spend 70 levels sitting on a hill afk. But it’s hard to switch from that because any other method would take enormous amounts of time longer. At the same time, there’s really not much interesting content till you get to about 210.

As for the other expacs. I think grinding research levels is soul draining and I become very discouraged. Like okay, just dinged 220, the last thing I want to do is more INF missions. :sob:



i guess you dont know much about SL then, other than the kite hill, right? can easily level the normal way. also, kite spots are limited and no 220 tanking available there… i think SL will be just great.

but i guess you prefer being on RK, and kiting cyborgs there and sitting even longer at one spot, doing nothing :smiley: :smiley:



Last year sometime, but gave up at 187 or so.

Slogging grind it is indeed. But preferable to soloing SL,such as being required to collect parts to a required quest mob in Scheol, which upon summoning, knocks your HP to 1. While someone watched me die and collect the rewards.

Also grinding hecklars, because fastest exp ever. (which I never did, because I joined SL too late, but have heard the longing for it expressed a lot on the old server, which gave me flashbacks to EQ, the ordeal of which, I’ll never do again.

I’m just saying SL might not be the glorious fun you’re remembering.

For people who had no one to group with.

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I want SL as soon as possible to not miss out on all the great content that is there. With the levelcap it will not be like on “real” server anyway; it’s not like if they release SL everyone will only be there.
Releasing it late will make old returners and new players miss out on it to a high degree.



As ao got Released we hadnt sl before. It launched that late… Most ppl were beyond 150.
So nvm about the content… :roll_eyes: U will be able to play sl content anyways.
Its fine as it is.



I don’t believe this is a debate of soloing Vs teaming. The release of SL doesn’t mean you can’t create a team to level with (edit: or do garden keys), because the cap should still creates bunches of same level people. SL just creates different opportunities for content to play.

Personally I prefer soloing in SL to RK, just because of the diversity (I don’t solo Hecks), but I can understand that opinions differ.

Also, I believe the “drop to 1 hp” for pocket boss spawning has been removed, so that’s one less thing to worry about.



So, let me get this straight (I dont have time to read every single cry baby post) on this new server you are demanding that certain content be released at certain levels due to the content requirements for an area/that particular expansion so that you dont miss out on it because the server followed a linear path of unlocking content that is sequential to the development of AO has a whole?

Have none of you thought of the fact that when these expansions were first released (along with content updates YEARS later) that players experienced the same thing of having to either roll a new character to experience said content or having to play it on a higher level character (you know the whole “zomg level 200 came and ODed me! this is op!”)?

I am not saying what you are asking for is stupid, hell I even asked for the server to be dynamic with releases of expansions (cough cough booster packs) at random (IE release LoX before SL). But to me, this server just seems completely nostalgic in order to play on veterans remembrance of good times and the progression with friends/your niche group and in order to do so it has to follow this linear path.

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The FC community guys have said that they will gauge opinions on when to release expansions and raise caps. I see this thread as people expressing their opinions so FC can take it into account. Not demanding. Not cry baby. Just a chance to say “hey, I’d prefer this way, thanks.”

And really, how SL was released originally (with people already at higher levels) is irrelevant, as its release then was based on its development, not when players would have preferred it.



Well, that’s good news that makes me want to try the original server again! I’ve noticed improvements on RK2019 that fix pet peeves, such as years ago my engie encountering an 8 minute root on my bot, that could not be countered by a store bought nano at that time, and was very pleasantly surprised to find that on RK2019, these nanos can now be store bought.

I too, liked to solo SL, until Scheol. It was the requirement to summon the pocket boss in order to progress that I objected to (gathering the parts was easy, but soloing it when summoning it caused your HP’s to drop to 1, was too hard to solo).

SL also had the best backyard ever. Not as easy to complete, but if you did, gave you a more solid foundation.

And I do miss perennium weapons.

But seriously unfair for solo players to obtain the mats to make them. While it’s logical to argue that an MMO should cater to those who group, the very fact that AO needs cash infusion, suggest that play style isn’t profitable. And is pretty much the reason I recently cancelled my EQ2 subscription - EQ2’s most recent expansion requires huge amounts of work to be viable in a group, despite the fact it required tradeskills, which my spouse and I had all of them at max level.

The two play styles need to be balanced.

So for now, I’m enjoying the nostalgia of the original Rubi-Ka content (except for the stupid daily rewards, like getting a level 41 Concrete Cushion, which only pissed me off.)

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As a side note: The new Health and Nano rechargers can also be used on pets to clear de-buffs, roots and snares.



Sorry, but that’s incorrect and unhelpful.

If you look at the criteria on aoitems it even includes: “Target is own pet”

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It’s not: in the 18.4.13 patch this item was changed to explicitly mention pets as a valid target in the requirements. This is how it’s meant to be used.

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no its not meant to be used that way. for example bureaucrat has their own nano line for it https://aoitems.com/item/203859/greater-exoskeleton-pulse/



I’ll stop using them to heal myself too then, since doctors have heal nano’s :wink:

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discussion was about removing debuff from pet not about your own healing :wink:



I’m with Saavick on that one.

Look at it this way: the kits are a way of removing downtime between combat, where you or your pet are low on health, nano or somehow debuffed. The proff nanos (in the context we are discussing) are for tackling these issues during combat.

Edit: what’s your evidence for why this isn’t the intended use @huanmanuel ?



Before you throw false accusations and total BS like that around, you might want to check some facts. Like for example the original patch notes where it was stated that the new kits were changed to work on pets. And the new kits always purged debuffs and snares.


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what is false accusation? if its health and nano recharger means its primary purpose is what? i didnt say you cannot use it on your pet. flagged your post for off topic



Not sure if you’re being deliberately difficult, or just not understanding the point being made for whatever reason, but I feel we’ve reached the end of meaningful discussion on this tangent.

Back on topic: are there any specific low level SL items that people would like to see have their time to shine? Stuff that gets skipped because it’s made obsolete by higher level kit?

Edit: e.g. mortiig beamers/blasters because of the availability of high ql perennium weapons.