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its not notum wars server. it is called progresion server so there will be all of the expnsion included. if you dont like them you can just feel free to do your stupid notum wars while other kill beast

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Oh well, they’ll see the playercount drop if they release SL sub 200. It’s their wallets, not ours. We’re just the people who are GIVING them money. Won’t get anymore from me once SL releases. That’s for sure.



Well I fail to see the point of releasing every expansion in a one year server. There’s just too much to grind and farm. And the population isn’t that high to allow everybody to get his BoC by December…



How recently did you do the 175-200 RK only grind?

I’m just saying it might not be the glorious fun you’re remembering. Sure, daily missions have somewhat lessened the grind (3x BS daily especially) but it’s still a repetitive slog of endless Broken Shores team missions for little or no real feeling of progress in equipment or power. Wouldn’t surprise me if the tide of opinion turned when people start feeling that grind.



The fact is we already have server with SL and all other expansions. I like the idea of oldschool playstyle on this new server. If server will shutdown in a year i think the fully expansions release is no sense, u wont have enough time to enjoy the game, unless they launch SL early (pre200) which is an error because u will miss high end encounters on RK (mercs, HI, biodome…), people just wont waste time on that if SL is on.

And if server wont shutdown after a year and will be perma is even worse if all expansions come. Because we will have 2 servers what will be the same. We already had that, was called Atlantean and Rimor, and comunity was praying for years for server merge. Now we will split AO population again? Like we have no lack of it…

If expansions should come, do it as it was in the past… add SL with the lvl200 cap, and AI with 220. Le us enjoy the original content.

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Crying to not have a SL release, because of the power creep?
And saying AI is fine?
Do you have any idea of how powerful the items that came with AI is?
Combined armors and kyr’ozch weapons is all we will see…

I think releasing SL in all its glory is a great idea, just for the fact that its not going to be as easy as people remember.
You wont be able to OST ely hecks at level 100.
You wont be able to be able to do inf mishes before someone actually hits 210, and if the puller is 210, its not even worth it due to the fact that the reward will be tiny.
I’m all for SL and tier armor farming! :slight_smile:



People have to deal with the fact that the new server isnt a Vanilla AO server. It’s a progression server, thus all the expansions will be released.
Many of you are saying if we want to have expansions, we should go back to the main server: that’s ridiculous. The main server is dead/exploited.
All those cries about “we dont want this, we dont want that” are getting a bit out of control… imo



i dont know why this is such a hot discussion everywhere… people need to understand, that this server is more about the way to 220… the experience thru all levels / level caps and the progression. this makes it a whole new and different thing to RK5. sure we might end up at the same stage as rk5 in a couple years. but these years inbetween are that matter for this experience. yes it is not easy for fc to find the right timetable to release stuff, cant be right for everyone atleast. but for the best and fulliest ao experience in this journey, they have to open up SL rather sooner, than later. the zones are awesome to level and explore. its a big part of ao and to skip on it would be a big failure. as mentioned before by someone, AI is the expansion that has to be opened up way after SL. thats how we could progress thru all the great SL stuffs, before finishing with ai armor, etc… i just hope funcom has a timetable in mind, that is fitting the progression. example: if you release pande/beast, it would take months for everyone to gather the gear they need. the higher we go, the less we can max out a char in the (at this time) opened content. well, maybe they have some different loot tables in mind, but i doubt that.



i can explain it to you: when game company makes expansion for their product it kinda becomes part of the product. which in other words means that it is permanent addition. You know it costs funcom money to make expansion so it is very unlike that they would throw them in oven by 5 people saying they dont like shadowlandia.



Ridiculous is the think of 2019 server is not exploited, at 2nd day with lvl10 cap there was some ppl giving 1 million creds for free to other ppl. Rigth now are ppl who trade millions of creds in new server for billions of creds in old server. With server grow we will have same crazy economy.



Do you have any actual proof that people have been trading away millions at level 10, or did you just read it somewhere?
If people have been duping items/creds we would have seen a huge effect on the economy already.



Well there are some guy who trade millions in 2019 server for rk billions. Some org members already bought creds from him.

I dont have proofs about exploits, if i had i report asap. AO is almost 20 y old game. With many bad fixed code. There should be hundreds of bugs we dont know



Not to make this a discussion about exploits or not, but you need to understand that blitz-farming generated around 500K creds pr hour. For a dedicated person that means many million creds pr day. I seriously doubt anyone has duped or exploited anything, Funcom is likely keeping an eye on things.

There were so many stupid accusations over this kind of blitzing in ingame chat, calling people who were farming missions from Avalon to West Athens for max creds cheaters and exploiters.

The main reason I joined RK2019 is because it is “Tabula Rasa” (no pun intended), a clean slate to begin all over with a fresh market and community.

I hope Funcom will make the server permanent for way beyond 1 year. If not, this is my final stint with AO ever.

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no big problem to make millions, if you have multiple accounts.
quick and easy calculation: pulling 4 mishs in meetmedere (tap item ones)
(6 chars x 20k mish reward + 6x reward item) x 4 mishs
== easy 500k creds in probably 20mins max. with pulling from avalon.

and thats only 1 way to generate creds.

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many people seem to not realize that not everyone is some middle aged family man who can play max 1h a day…easilaly can make +1 million credits / day from missions and it doesnt require any special skill other than having enough empty backpacks+ lockpick

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Well that was the reason that we all did I guess. But also to experience to play as the we did back in 2001.

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Hey all, been playing since 2001… new to forums though! I stopped playing regular off and on a few times over the years. When it got to the point of just a bunch of MBers soloing and selling loot rights I had enough. Hopefully with new server we won’t have that problem as much. I wouldn’t mind if all we got out of this was a few more years of RK and NW. It’s great to see alot of my old friends who also quit years ago come back and enjoy what we all loved. Thanks FC for new server, don’t mess it up with SL and beyond!!



i have no clue guys where u pulling that 20k reward mish max what i ever had on single mish is 16k and max team was13k



I have myself farmed millions of credits.
You can blitz missions, 50 missions is 1m.
You can sell items you loot, millions of credits to be made.
You can use your credits on whatever it is you want, be it new implants or credits on an old, dead server…

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And we got that experience now, but it wont last as vanilla AO. Just like on the old servers. It’s a progression server and the only question is how the expansions will be mixed in and at what levels.

Personaly I find that attractive, to have everything available again but without a saturated economy. Getting symbiants will be a memorable task now, and they will be hard to come by for a while.

Like I said before, if people dont enjoy Shadowlands then stay out of it. You can play and farm creds in RK to your hearts content. And then buy the SL items you need later.