Shared coop world?

so me and my brother own the game on steam, I play he plays, when he plays he plays with our dad who is playing via shared steam (don’t know if that matters) they have, (so far as we know) 2 games one he hosts and one dad hosts, I logged in and created a character and quickly found a villiage with my brothers and dads bodys sleeping. wtf, what ramifications does this have is there only one game between the three of us and they just have two characters each, how am I in there world, im freaking out and don’t know whats going on. and no im not going to raid my little brother and dad. mom would skin me alive.

im on the same pc as my brother but different steam accounts so therotically different saves, I was not invited to either world

except he owns a copy so would not the saves be different like say on ck2?

If you are using the same windows account, then it will use the same world database file. The steam account doesn’t matter, except that it’s a different player.

If you want your own game world, create a new windows user.

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