Shemite Tunic physiscs is broken on male charchters, or is it just me?

It’s been like this for as long as I’ve had access to the Shemite Tunic, on female characters, the physics work perfect, wind blows around the cape/scarf portion of the tunic but on males, nothing blows around or moves, it’s just pasted to the character., is it just me or has anyone else noticed?


Having tested this on male and female thralls, I can sadly say it’s not just you, it seems to have an issue with male characters.


Haha, glad I only play with female characte-(tries to make character taller or shorter than exact middle height, breaks hair and clothing physics)

(Funcom please fix your annoying character physics bugs thank you in advance.)


Try setting height to default. If using the IQOL mod, set your height to 1.0

Cloth and Hair physics will stop working on character’s who’s height is changed from default (in the middle). If you’re not running mods… well then you’re only option is to recreate character and not touch the slider for height.

Funcom does have this listed as a bug on trello, so it may eventually be fixed if they can figure out what’s causing it.

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It has been listed there for as long as I can remember. If I had to guess, it’s a symptom of a larger game physics issue that either can’t be fixed on its own, or doesn’t make sense to be fixed on its own because as soon as they touch the physics engine, the hard work done on fixing a cosmetic error would be reset anyway. This explanation would make sense, considering that there are some other persistent physics-related bugs, too.

So the root of the problem needs to be addressed first, and only after that’s solid will it be useful to touch upon the cosmetic symptoms.

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Didn’t touch body sliders, I know what you are talking about though. My hair physics are fine, it has always been like this with the shemite tunic, I hope they fix it one day, seeing as how they made it so that we can’t wear turanian armor in the desert, without burning up

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I never notice a problem, maybe because my Bella is short and charismatic :wink:. Nice observation, send it to Hugo.

Its been moved to indevelopment. So it looks like they ID’d the cause, or at least have been able to reproduce. I think its been due to other priorities. Getting the game working for peeps is going to have top priority and of course thralls working properly over anything that’s just cosmetic.

But it seems to be something else as described by Jalil. Might be something to report separately. Couldn’t hurt.

It is because Bella is a female his problem is with a Male my friend.

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