Ship Building Pieces

Considering all the ships that players build in this game, it would be wonderful if there were ship-building sets for this. There could be ship-building sets for all the DLC packs. I would buy them! Then again, I’m a maniac that buys every single DLC this game puts out! But ship-building sets would be super awesome.


I would love that :slight_smile: Or just a dlc with the build set dedicated to ship-building. There’s some amazing things that skilled builders have done in game to make things that look like ships - but imagine how much cooler they could be with some more pieces that actually slope in the right sorts of ways, or form masts and rigging etc.


That would be fun , like this idea.

Also, maybe a few actual placeable boats of different sizes, like a rowing boat.


Or just placeables that you can get in dungeons or something. I would not want a large ship, but a smaller skiff with lateen rigging for the rivers.


I would be happy to receive components such as real sails, a steering wheel and a rudder!

and maybe some invisible pillars for the underside :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Now you made me dig up Sea Dogs 2 and capturing a frigate to cannon down everything!
Thanks… :grin:

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I started to build a ship similar to yours (awesome build btw!) but seeing all the pillars underneath just annoyed me lol

Unlike something like minecraft where you can just build anywhere, the support system can be limiting when trying to build something like this ( I don’t think the developers originally had this kind of thing in mind heh)

While something like an invisible pillar would be really useful for those of us who like to build (as well as destroy :stuck_out_tongue: ) sadly I can’t see that being very workable alongside the PvP aspects of the game.

I just get visions of floating / flying bases littering the exiled lands across the officials.

Shame though, would be fun, and definitely having a few extras like sails and rigging would be great.

invisible pillars would be something that modders could implement. Admin spawn only. :thinking:

If it could be a kind of ‘toggable’ option on the admin panel, that could work maybe?


I would love this too. I would also like to see a real boat or sailboat that you could ride on water, similar to riding a horse on land.

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