Short Stories - Exiled Jack (+more)

Ethernal Lock - Forgotten Sorcerer (3/6)

The Ethernal Lock was created by a sorcerer whose name was erased from history and memory of all. I found his trail by accident, finding the old journal of his assistant - a slave.

The sorcerer traveled many lands to collect the most powerful of spells in one book. The holders of ancient knowledge do not want to share it easily, but they always want more. Therefore, the sorcerer allowed his teachers to copy the knowledge he had collected so far.

He betrayed them, and they knew it, but they didn’t know how much yet. Each page contained hidden text, written in ink that only its creator could read. It was a closing spell - the Ethernal Lock.

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Ethernal Lock - Other worlds (4/6)

Simply put, the sorcerer’s spell prevents everyone from using the knowledge written in the book, unless you know all its content, including the hidden spell. In this way, since only he could read text written in invisible ink, he became the only person who could use all the spells written in it.

The assistant did not know how his master had acquired the knowledge that allowed him to bind and enslave even spells. The only explanation he came up with was his master’s origin. The sorcerer had to come from another world, and his knowledge had to come from many other dimensions.

However, I do not know if this is true…

One thing that is clear from the assistant’s journal is that he hated his master, he was looking for a way to kill him and free himself from slavery. That’s why he used the same ink as the sorcerer and added something to the spell.

Thanks to his notes, I got to know the content and composition of the Ethernal Lock spell and the cruel fate of the sorcerer.

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Ethernal Lock - Cruel fate (5/6)

The holders of ancient knowledge who have lost their power because of the sorcerer’s spell, used their influence to strike the sorcerer’s tower in the traditional way - with fire and sword.

The sorcerer did not notice fragment added to the spell. Not knowing that he also lost some of his power, he quickly lost the battle. The sorcerer were torn to pieces - just like his precious book. The nations that hit the tower shared the pages of the book between themselves.

Since then there have been attempts to retrieve the knowledge from the pages, some have managed to get a bit, but this is only a drop compared to the sea of magic it contains.

I managed to get only six pages. I’m writing on them right now.

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Ethernal Lock - Reopening (6/6)

Over the years, the pages have faded and look like normal blank scrolls. Therefore unsuspecting travelers can describe their adventures and thoughts on them. I found a way to use it.

I convinced Archive Keeper from the Underworld to find the last pages of the book and write them down so that they would be no longer empty. Since, like the sorcerer’s assistant, I added more phrases to the Ethernal Lock spell, changing its effect. I only had to make sure that each page was readable.

Forgive me for not writing the exact words of the spell - it’s time to tell you my plan:

From now on, the Ethernal Lock spell grants me, and only me, sorcerous power and duplicates it with each page you read, regardless of its current content.

You helped me a lot, my dear reader… Thank you for this gift.
Don’t feel bad about it, you are the real hero of this story.

Let me get it right. :thinking: Any of my stories could have been written on a page from this damn book? And because of this, Anu-Iheb now has the power of sorcery? :scream:

What have I done… :sob:

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Don’t miss the hint. This thread is coming to an end. Everything has an end, doesn’t it?

Except for eternity!

Unknown forces are recruiting newcomers. We don’t know the time or the hour. Massive structures are built. To the glory of the Eternal Kingdom of Babylon. However…

The first post has become unfriendly to edit. I have already found a solution. There is a plan bigger and more interesting than what you know. Just give me time and let the workers build.


The topic is close to 3k :eye: views, thank you all for reading and watching my short stories. :blush:

Deceptive painting tactics (single)

We have been in this area for a short time, we have barely built a small watchtower, but the supplies are still not reaching us. It would be difficult for us to defend ourselves, but fortunately we have a veteran in our ranks, a true survival champion. He twisted the brush from his own mustache and madly rushed to paint us.

Now we all - even the artisans and recruits - look like a terrifying, bloodthirsty army! Apparently, in the right hands, a brush can become as powerful as a thousand swords.

We feel like the fearless Alpha Clan!
Nobody can touch us now!

Upcoming changes and news:

Since I started story with Exiled Jack, I want to end it with him. That’s why I still want to write Babylon Horde and Death Slayers here (although there is always something distracting me from it). Much work on preparing them may cause another short story to appear earlier, but in a new topic :star_struck: on the forum.

:spiral_notepad: Note: Single pages will keep appearing in both threads. Don’t worry :hugs:


Bloody Sacrifice (single)

In the hottest caves in the north, under the black mountain, I found the last great master of metallurgy. He knew ancient techniques and forged a great sword for me. But he demanded payment for it: my soul.
Although the price was high (I lost my morals and my conscience fell silent) it was worth it.

The blade cuts through my enemies and friends as if they were weak leaves that bend in the wind. However, this sword required a different sacrifice.

To prevent anyone from getting such a blade…
I first killed its creator - some would call it ‘unlimited evil’, I call it a… ‘limited offer’.

:spiral_notepad:: Now you know where the great sword in Just for Blood came from - it came from greed and blood.


@fito is back, yeeeeeeeee, Welcome back my friend, I really miss your stories, now with sorcerers you will have more material, I can’t wait to see.

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