Should new map be free?

Pretty much it is an excuse for getting more money out of this game. I stopped playing this game, but I can say this looks a bit fishy. Also if this game moves to subscription only does that mean that people will have to pay the subscription fee to be able to play the in game content they paid for?

Does this mean that Tencent will take away the ability for people to play single player. Also does this mean that people will not be able to play on the old map which would kill most of the mod support for this game?

There are alot of unanswered questions, but right now it seems that Funcom is trying to pull a bethesda with a game with not even a small sliver of the players that play bethesda games.

Maybe if they would actually tell the truth about what they are doing then people would not be so mad about it. Although I doubt they will do that. Personally they screwed over everyone is how I see it. They will be discontinuing mod support which its funny how modders on this forum are for this move cough cough (multigun) anyways it seems like they are going to try to move to more of an ESO/secret world legends type subscription service for a game that was promised to the people who bought it that it would not have these types of things. So personally yes this game is dying, and the developers only care about how much money they can get from you. That is what “games as a service means” so say goodbye to “singleplayer” “private servers” “mods”. If I am wrong prove me wrong dont just delete my comment because you know I am right (multigun)

This will be much worse than you think it is. Trust me any company that partners with Tencent, and starts pushing paid content will then start to push subscriptions. I would really laugh if they get rid of the private server idea, and try to push everyone into the same live map. Which would be a bit crazy since pve players dont get along with pvp players. Rp players dont get along with anyone, and some people just want to play singleplayer which is a majority of the games users. Although once again funcom seems to not have done research on who is actually playing this game, and made a leap selling the company for a quick cash grab.

Prove me wrong, or ban me from the forums finally instead of just silencing my content since it seems everyone who is still playing is worried about this. I personally just summed up everyones issue into a single couple of paragraphs, but like always I will be silenced and my questions (which is the questions of those concerned that they paid for nothing) will be screwed by this decision.

This is a 0-100 leap to conclusions if I’ve ever seen one. This much fear mongering needs to be contained, I’d suggest in tinfoil. I can guarantee with a 99% certainty this is absurd and won’t happen. If it does, I’ll be right behind you out the door; but I’m not preemptively jumping ship just because it’s a worst case scenario that most likely won’t come to pass


Oooh, I know this one! Is the answer “there are no indications whatsoever that Conan Exiles will be introducing subscription-only model, so it’s really pointless and counterproductive to speculate about it”?

There are a lot of legitimate unanswered questions about the new map and I would like to see answers to them. Bringing up conspiracy theories and spreading FUD will not answer those questions.

They are? Could you point us to your sources? Or is it a seeeecret? Or maybe Funcom used their illuminati connections to suppress the truth? :wink:

Nuh uh, that’s not how that works. The burden on proof is on you, buddy.

Repeating the same claims over three consecutive posts doesn’t make them stronger, it just turns them into deja moo. There’s no reason for the mods to ban you, either, since conspiracy theories and FUD aren’t against the rules. And let’s face it, banning you would be like early Christmas, since you could then come back with a different user and post about how you must have been right, since they banned you to silence you :wink:


Hey if its tinfoil then Ill put on my tinfoil hat, but I would like to hear personally from either the mods, or the company as to what they are doing when it comes to this deal. Not exactly, but 3 things that should be said.

1.Will conan exiles still be able to be played on private servers that were purchased, or will it be going to a live subscription service pushing everyone onto the same map?

  1. Will conan exiles still have a single player mode, and will the promises that this company made be honored by keeping both singleplayer/multiplayer private servers running.

  2. Will conan exiles still have mod support after this move is made, and will the maps within the game still be able to be modded, or is tencent coming out with packs that will replace mods.

You can say my accusations are crazy, but in truth many other companies who have partnered with tencent have done worse. So just wait when you have to pay a subscription. They try to push everyone onto the same map, and they may even make you pay for loot boxes to get certain items i.e ESO crown crates coming to a conan game near you.

It might sound like tinfoil hat craziness, but in my opinion no one should ever trust “games as a service”. If they would like to clarify this instead of keeping everyone in the dark then we can see if I am right or wrong. Although with all the cloak and dagger until release (you know since we are all just playing a glorified beta at the moment) would be nice since we can actually know what is happening to the game, and where content is going from here. I dont mind paid dlc’s as they are, but if they move out of cosmetic dlcs, and map dlcs while charging players a subscription fee for a game that is already dying I will be removing it from my steam list.

Then prove me wrong? "Games as a service usually means that a subscription will be added " have played hundreds of games who moved the same model, so its not really to far fetched. I mean most of us are being kept in the dark about the direction this game is going anyways so it would be nice to have some information on what they mean by “GAMES AS A SERVICE?”

Well I only go 0-100 when “Games as a service is mentioned”

Funcom is a business, so excuse may be the wrong word. Being in a business is about making money, and trying to pull in more from a resource (CE) is not nefarious.

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more like deja poo :slight_smile:

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Doesnt answer the question

So we are resorting to name calling now when I am just asking if this game is going to a “games as a service subscription model” real mature





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Here ill make it as simple as possible.

Since Funcom sold most of its company to tencent does that mean that the game is moving twords a “games as a service model”? Will Funcom be charging people for a subscription service to be able to access the game that they were told would not have a subscription model?

Can’t argue with that at all. Two years post official release and the game’s still buggy, has features that don’t work correctly or at all, and has been “tweaked” into the ground. I’ve had it since EA and I can’t say it’s ever had a finished feel to it for me. The track record speaks for itself. But thank goodness they put penises on the horses. (Sorry, I blame my Tourette Syndrome.)
Regardless of how the dust clears from this debate, I myself won’t be putting another penny into this game until it’s polished enough to resemble a finished product and I don’t get why anyone would.

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That wasn’t name calling. That was calling triple posting the same idea consecutively poo.

I just want them to answer the question. I simplified the question into a simple yes or no answer. Not looking for a sentence from them. Just a simple yes or no would be grand.

Also as an EA player who started this game before most did I feel I have the right to know what is coming if it means we are now having to pay for content that we were told in the past would only be paid dlcs with cosmetic content? Also yes I agree with you BigDave, and I too will no longer touch this game if they go to a paid subscription model, or if they keep players in the dark about how the game is going. Its us the players who keep the game alive not tencent.

Since Funcom is selling most of its (Conan Exiles Shares) to Tencent does that mean that the game is getting rid of single player/private servers? Does this mean that Funcom in the foreseeable future will be adding paid subscriptions/loot boxes/and/paid dlc content that will be more than just cosmetic dlc? As an Early Access player of this title I would like to know the direction this game is going in, so I know if the content that was paid for will soon be locked behind a pay wall of subscriptions, loot boxes, and, paid dlcs that add in game content (not cosmetic only content as I was told it would be when the game came out of early access.)

Also does this mean that Conan Exiles will be getting rid of the ability for players to use modded content free of charge from the steam workshop page?