Signal Fire to halt purge meter decay

Create a temporary stop to the decay of a purge meter.
Make yourself known, and provoke the unwashed masses looking to purge your base.

Could be a structure similar to a drying rack or a bonfire. Load it up with branches or plant fiber as fuel.
a fully stocked signal fire should last a couple of days. Once it runs out of fuel the default purge meter decay could set back in.

While lit a signal fire would prevent a clan’s purge meter from decaying. You could log off go to sleep/go to work and comeback the next day without the frustration of seeing you have lost ground on the purge meter.


i would like some clear way to increase purge too, or some item that i could use, say, once per week, to have an extra purge
i like fighting purges and the chance for capturng thralls, and it sucks when i have to stay away of the game for a few days and the purge meter starts over

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Great idea!

Could even go further and have crafted placeables that increase and decrease your purge meter, while consuming a fuel.


I just want to join the chorus and say that I love the idea and would love it even more if it helped increase the meter.


I support the idea. Three types of fuel for different needs:
In the first case, increases the purge meter.
In the next case, it stops for a certain time.
In the third, it reduces, but requires rare resources. Or very expensive costs. Maybe someone does not like purge fight.


I agree it would be better if would increase the the growth of the purge meter.
I would of been happy with a way to stop the meter decay.

If you wanted a mechanic to decrease the purge meter for whatever reason. They could add a sacrificial offering to the different shrines with different resource costs consistent with the different religions.
The offering could appease the gods and bring favor towards your clan so they don’t get purged from existence(lowering the purge meter).

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Thing is, IME only folks who are relatively new to the game ever want or need to forestall a purge, but these same folks would be the least likely to know how, and probably have the hardest time acquiring any requisite materials. While being able to postpone purges might be handy for a PvP clan that’s under attack, for most PvE clans this would be effectively shooting themselves in the foot given the rewards that are up for grabs.

Also, there’s already a completely free way to completely deplete your purge meter with very little effort involved. If the leader simply disbands and then recreates the clan, that act resets the purge meter to 0. In fact, a few of the clans on my server did this when we first started up simply to buy themselves more time to get their bases setup. :sweat_smile:


Yes…increase the meter, not decrease it. In other words, make the purge happen sooner, but I don’t like the idea of avoiding a purge with such a simple mechanic.

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yes plz


Two people playing on a regular basis ,aka 2-4 hours a day, will purge every 2-3 weeks so once a month.

To delay the decay of the purge will be exploited.

Just saying…

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And when you play alone, you will never get one. Even more, when you dont play for 1-2 days/week.

Since Decemeber I was unable to get a purge. Highest was 80% before christmas, where I was 4 days unable to play and it was back to 0 when I returned…

It makes no sense, to auto-decrease the purge timer. The fear that the stress of the servers will be to high, is non existent at this point anymore. Its not like every server is on max load each day.

So this mechanic even drives more players away!! Me for example… I only have the purge to play for, which is for me unable to get.
And the last 2 purges I had, bugged out at my mainbase… Spiders should be attacking me. After 1 hour the purge ended without seeing a single spider or anything gotten attacked by anything… (so nothing to repair, as nothing got attacked).

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I managed to get one by turning Conan Exiles into my “second job” for almost two weeks. Not doing that crap again. It’s one of the big reasons why I’m just refreshing lately instead of playing actively.

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Exploited how?

Yeah, my last 2 purges were also like that. Everyday >4hours. On Weekends >8hours.

And then I got 2 bugged spider purges… Yeah, no thanks for that.

Me too… I have nothing else todo, besides purges. But getting one alone is really hard at official servers.

The game is dying and Funcom makes absoletely nothing to prevent that. The last REALLY new content was Wine-Cellar… But that was in October 2019…

Horses added little bit new, but no new content. Same with thrall leveling.

And their basically 0 communication, well without a community manager it is harder (Jens Erik), is the next thing.

Currently I see 0 reasons to buy the map-pack… Also I will probably have stopped playing the game, until the DLC comes, when nothing else comes until then. And I will for sure not start new… Also if the new map = new char, then I will never buy it anyway.

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Methinks, purge meter decay rate is only the tip of the iceberg.

The entire Purge system needs an overhaul, as do many other systems. Here was another discussion: Decay, purges, and inactive players.

Instead of restating what is being repeated already. I would address:

I believe the game has reached a point, after all the DLC packs, that requires the “sandbox” be cleaned and polished before adding more. As I said above, many systems need to be refined to allow for further content.

However, something to do (like fight purges) while Funcom cleans the box would be appreciated… it’s either that, or browse other games while refreshing and waiting.

Then FC should COMMUNICATE this…

But seeing that Jens Erik is no more, maybe someone was not happy about last stream…

And instead of getting rid of the lead-designer, FC got rid of the “bad community manager - as he didnt stop any leaks” (just my guess!!).
Because that Jens Erik is no more, was pretty surprising for me. At least in the streams he always did a great job!!

Regardless what happened, if FC doesnt start to communicate more and that pretty soon, people wont care anymore…
The only people who are still defending the game, are the Chosen of Asura. And there not even all of them…

i feel like the purge is for a big clan, and bosses are for multiplayer. they have made sacrifices for sp to make us happier.

cant wait for me to shut up at the bus station about the wedges goin in crooked. go wring out ur rag and quit derailing this thread w ur speculations.

Until one of the latest patches, there was not really a need for purge armorers or any other purge thrall. Well maybe an alchemist for black and white dye. But you have the witchdoctor anyway and a cave where you can get them too (and you get plenty of black dye at the volcano).

But since the Redeemed silent legion armor, you need a purge armorer for that. There is no other way ingame to get this armor or any other normal armorer which can craft it.

So, no, Purge is not only anymore for big clans.


Have a good night :wink:

You need dedicated people to keep that purge meter running. Not something that can be done as you have said.

On your own server or single player you purge everyday by lower the action requirement.

Tested it in single player and promptly got my ■■■ handed to me haha!

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