Silly 'Wrong Version' Scenario

Okay, so this has likely been posted before, and I could probably go through the process of delving through thousands of posts to find the fix to this very topic, but I’ve got to be honest. I’m tired. I’m rather irritated. Let’s get in with the story.

I got Conan about two or three days ago now from a friend gifting it to me because they want to get me into a more populated RP game. I appreciated this, because I’d been dying for something new, and really this game is f*cking beautiful. Well, I have played single player, PvE servers, some PvP servers that were heavily modded without a single issue. Not ONE SINGLE ‘wrong version’.

But as soon as I join this one RP server, I have like… 10 wrong versions and most of them are mods I have used on other servers without issues. So I did the logical thing first, since the mods are so lovingly easy to reinstall in this game compared to ARK: I unsubscribed then resubscribed to the owner of the server’s modlist. Should have been a simple fix. Five minutes later all mods are in the folder, checked and verified they were all then, and ran the server through my favorite server’s tab.

‘Wrong version’ x10. Okay… Well, I went back through, checked to see if there were versions I could replace… Nothing.

I go through and ask my Discord chat for the server if there’s any issue with them getting in and they all post screenshots of them chilling in the glorious tavern I am DYING to get into.

So what gives? If they are all using this same modlist… Shouldn’t it be that by using that download modpack link thing on Steam I shouldn’t be having these issues?

Any help would be totally awesome because I am at my wit’s end. After a grueling 5 day vetting process to even get INTO this server, I don’t want to have to tell them ‘nevermind’ because I can’t get the mods to download the right versions properly.

EDIT: I have gone through and manually fixed up my modlist.txt and unsubbed then resubbed about 15 times. I have verified my game’s files and nothing is wrong there. I am currently doing a clean reinstall and will go from there, but honestly? I still can’t find any issue that would have been holding me back.

Hey there.

Please read How to be a pro PC bug hunter (PLEASE READ). Provide details, including your modlist.

The bug subforums should be used when reporting in-game issues. I hope it will be moved there by a moderator asap :wink:

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