Silvar Morgan Rosalia's suggestions


-What do you think about learning new faster way of swimming and climbing animation? Via weapon, armor pieces or even attribute. More Dolphinesque or Reptilesque way just for fun and players love that kind of things.

-Adding expensive monument to build that can took a while to construct. For Stygia and Aquilonia for exemple, imagine them trying to slowdown and stop eachover. Sabotage, convoy attack, war etc… it could be a great add for rp players.

-Minigame. The first thing i have imagined when i have play this game is to play “who pee the more far” but sadly nothing in the wheel XD. Each players tap E and the most quickly you tap the most you pee far. You should add the rope game too. We need some simple arcade minigame for have fun with friend since rp player love to play together and vs eachover for have fun!

-Something really missing for me is the tackle. In a game like Conan personally this is something i definitively want.

-You can even possibly imagine add qte. A player open the wheel on the other player and choose “trying to hit”. Than an animation engage and the other player just have to push the button with the right timing. (For rp purpose should be great)

-I forgot to say something unacceptable! Funcom!! How you dare!!! You forgot to add the beef bone! In many story Conan eat and fight with a beef bone! Where is it?

-I remember another thing i wanted to say: New hair from old peplum movie for exemple please!! We really need some dusty hair too! Or you can just take old school photography of Jens, Natasha, Andy, Nicole and all the familly for exemple!! Ohohohohoho!

-For me you can keep the name of the Derketo DLC but you need to add some more related to Derketo style. Adding an emote using the sexual position “The cowgirl” the woman take a dagger and hit the chest of the men just after had moving her hips energetically/vigorusly/frenetically just at the moment she got her orgasm for exemple. This is Conan after all and this is Derketo. Building is cool have beautifull cloth is cool but we need mod sadism, brutallity, sacrifice, dusty things etc… Dont ask much but atleast enought for saying ok it is Conan Universe… Maybe add one emote for the Derketo’s men while doing missionary position he do a strangulation. Conan Exiles begin to miss barbarism! You have a wheel system for emote think about adding a QTE sytem.

-You certainly prepare a Sorcery DLC i suggest building piece with skulls, skeletons and things like that. Could be really cool!

-I suggest to add Karyatid for embellishing building.

-Adding a new weapon/job “fire eater”. Get a torch and a goastskin or a bottle full of combustible (who work like a basic goatskin but not for water this time). For spiting fire to the face of people and for spectacle could be a very appreciable add.

-Fishing manually underwater sharks (and other big fish) with javelins should be a great add for both communities surviving game and rp game!

-Adding swan somewhere in the north map. Useless but very appreciable.

-Adding Amber ressource to the game. Amber can be use for, decorate weapon armor and many more, jewellery, doing a fire, creating a pseudo “sorcery” or “shaman” molten amber ingredient to applicate on weapons and have a firesword for exemple. And others different application.
The word Glass come from Amber. You could even possibly doing building pieces for the nordheimers with it. Amber have differente colors and should be found in many differente place on the map.

I hope for Conan Exiles a Season 3 and even more because i love this game and all of you.

Great job Funcom!

Thanks you for reading my suggestions.

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