Silver mine minor issue

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer l Multi-player ]
Problem: [Crash | Performance ]
Region: [EU]

PS4 console

[It’s been more than 11 months now that i play conan non stop. At the time i go level 60 i set up my player full encumbrance and start the serius farming. So when i go to the silver mine, i loot even the last rock. I am a sick grinder i know :joy:. I don’t have the knowledge to upload photos, so i will try to explain the point, that when you try to farm, the game is lagging variously and sometimes is crashing too. This point is at the end of the path you cross and turn right to the great hallway (full of iron, coal, silver and scorpions), on your left hand there is a great pile of stones and some silver rocks. If you try to mine the visible silver stones, no problem. But if you try to farm the stones, because at the end of this pile there is another silver stone, then the lags are starting, causing crash some times. I know it is only stones and the map is full of them. Still, one month in the forum, i didn’t see any posts about this, so i post it. Last info, is that the same problem you have, online-ofline, single-multi, pvp-pve. Thank you. ]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Enter the silver mine
  2. Farm the specific rock pile
  3. Lags
  4. Sometimes crush too

That issue is more pronounced there, but if you pay attention to it, you’ll notice that regardless of location, whenever the game needs to render a number of rocks “breaking up” after being mined, your framerate will always drop. The more of those animations it has to do (i.e.: the more rocks there are), the worse it is. And there’s a whole lot of rocks in the location that you’re describing which will break up all at once if you mine them.

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it’s because each swing is hitting multiple rocks at the same time. shouldn’t even mention it because funcom nerfs every good thing left in the game.

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Hey @stelagel, thank you for bringing this to our attention, we’ll relay this information to the developers.

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