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I know a few if not a lot of us want to see Sorcery in game, something that I’ve also noticed has a clear divide on the whole it will or will never happen from fans. But I just want to take some time to list ideas I have, and ideas others may have for the system. As well as discuss new seige weapons that could be a fun addition to the game.

Sorcery: Could be done using crafting stations to turn pets/thralls into two new types of thralls or pets. I.e Undead or Demons, something similar to a WoP but generates corrution around it while it converts say T3 fighter to t3 skeleton.

Demon Summoning: Perhaps something that will be a lot like the pet system or rely upon the pet system that is coming.

Nercomancy: Same as the demon idea but for thralls, converting thralls to undead minions.

Curses: Ability for players to craft a “charge” that goes onto a weapon like a mod or posion but applies a random debuff on hit. For example, a Curse of Blood could be put on a bow so that when it hits it causes a bleeding effect.

(( If anyone else has ideas please feel free to add them ))

New Seige Weapons: I remember Joyel talking about corpse lockers and seige towers before during some of the early days of EA. Personally I would love to see some new “machines” for seige warfare.

Catapults: Less of an anti-base engine and more of an anti-personnel weapon, perhaps an aoe effect or shotgun like spray.

Seige Towers/Ladders: With the anticlimb wall pieces most players don’t even try to scale walls but rather just blow them up, some kind of placeable or buildable I.e seige tower could be nice to help combat this.

Seige Camp: A placeable that could be similar in size to a map room, but act as a shelter for players to use as a defense while seiging at as well as a crafting station for the seige weapons themselves, like Oscar was talking about a few streams ago.

Rams: Perhaps a placable or something players can carry that only damages doors or gates

Caltrops: Speaks for itself a useable players could throw to seed damage to enemies.

(( Any other ideas are welcome as well ))

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why cant spells play like arrows? i never knew what the actual fk the prob was tho, animations? doubt that, status effects? not that either. anyway, ur thread mighta got shut down for being several ideas on one thread.

No spells. Conan’s universe IS NOT D&D like.
And necromancy is already implemented in the game, but since it’s called Witch Doctor you can understand what it really is.
In Conan books, the summoning of a demon is very long ritual that can takes days, even for a minor ones. But in CE we’ve Gods summoning who aren’t really gods but more some otherworldly creatures who take the appearances and attributes of the god he / she bears the name.
If both aren’t sorcery, then why is sorcery for you ? Something like D&D where the sorcerer can cast spells like fireball ?

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Some of them… When Conan escapes dungeon after freeing a old friend, he basically calls a flying monstrosity in no time flat to get conan back to his people and war going on.

Its goes abit both ways…

Again, it doesnt need to be D&D with “I cast magic missile!”
There sticking to lore, and being a stick in mud, and its a video game… lets have abit of fun. I’m not saying I wanna cast Comit and blow up someone bases in 1shot… you know runes on ground, casting fireball, lighting would add to range fun.
It doesnt have to be instant, it cna move at good speed like arrows, so it can be rolled or block etc.
There alot of ways to do it, to have fun and keep parts of Lore.

Or its gonna be some boring feat, were I set my character in room in my house, place gather guts and parts on altar. Log out… and 48 real hours later, I have demon who will follow me around. Or wose… gotta stay log in for 2 in-game days as my character chants and mumbles for said demon…

Come on… we need a middle ground here form Lore and Fun.

Correct, magic in Conan will not be like other games with Fireballs or Lightning bolts and all that flashy effects, it will be casting curses and diseases , rituals and dark magic.

While Witch Doctor could be related with sorcery, yet it isnt, Rob said that in a past dev stream.

Pelias wasn’t your average street magician, though.

But summoning a demon could work in a similar fashion as summoning an Avatar does now. A “ritual circle” workstation where you gather the necessary ingredients (including a good amount of human body parts, like for gathering zeal at altars) and then craft a token that can be used to summon a demon. These could be longer-lived than avatars, but weaker - perhaps even acting as “pets”.

But in the whole Robert E. Howard’s Conan saga I think there are two instances of a sorcerer using a projectile-type spell - at the end of The Scarlet Citadel, Tsotha-lanti throws a fiery ball (“searing the very sands with hellish fire”) at Conan, who dodges it, and in The Hour of the Dragon Xaltotun throws “a glistening sphere” at Conan, who strikes it with his sword, and the sphere explodes, stunning Conan. The latter could easily have been an alchemical creation (such as the orb currently in the game) rather than a spell, though, since Xaltotun seemingly dug it out of his pocket, leaving us down to one actual casting of a projectile spell.

It was the Xaltotun spehere that Joyel drew the idea for the alchemical orbs we have now. And I am not saying magic missle or fireball. But dark magics, ritual circles to act as base defense, curses to debuff enemy. And Attack magic? Why not something like you see in the Black keep dungeon, hell just give me Telith’s charge up attack and I would be happy. Something so that people can be those villianious sorcerors of the conan universe as another playstyle, verus everyone just running around with Axe sheild meta. Rp gameplay and pve/pvp

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A discussion we were having on it today. Could be that sorcerors are rooted in place while channeling these spells only for it to be like an aoe curse. Or a demon summon that lasts about a minute or so. Requiring the sorceror to be both corruprted and stuck in one place. So more of a support role then solo pvp fighter. Something clans would want to protect in battles.

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