Sorcery and New Seige Weapons Ideas

I know a few if not a lot of us want to see Sorcery in game, something that I’ve also noticed has a clear divide on the whole it will or will never happen from fans. But I just want to take some time to list ideas I have, and ideas others may have for the system. As well as discuss new seige weapons that could be a fun addition to the game.

Sorcery: Could be done using crafting stations to turn pets/thralls into two new types of thralls or pets. I.e Undead or Demons, something similar to a WoP but generates corrution around it while it converts say T3 fighter to t3 skeleton.

Demon Summoning: Perhaps something that will be a lot like the pet system or rely upon the pet system that is coming.

Nercomancy: Same as the demon idea but for thralls, converting thralls to undead minions.

Curses: Ability for players to craft a “charge” that goes onto a weapon like a mod or posion but applies a random debuff on hit. For example, a Curse of Blood could be put on a bow so that when it hits it causes a bleeding effect.

(( If anyone else has ideas please feel free to add them ))

New Seige Weapons: I remember Joyel talking about corpse lockers and seige towers before during some of the early days of EA. Personally I would love to see some new “machines” for seige warfare.

Catapults: Less of an anti-base engine and more of an anti-personnel weapon, perhaps an aoe effect or shotgun like spray.

Seige Towers/Ladders: With the anticlimb wall pieces most players don’t even try to scale walls but rather just blow them up, some kind of placeable or buildable I.e seige tower could be nice to help combat this.

Seige Camp: A placeable that could be similar in size to a map room, but act as a shelter for players to use as a defense while seiging at as well as a crafting station for the seige weapons themselves, like Oscar was talking about a few streams ago.

Rams: Perhaps a placable or something players can carry that only damages doors or gates

Caltrops: Speaks for itself a useable players could throw to seed damage to enemies.

(( Any other ideas are welcome as well ))

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Necromancy: you mean converting the bodies of dead (maybe crucified Thralls :smiling_imp:).
Battering Ram
Scaling ladders
Ballista with and without grapnels
Buildable siegetower
Wall drills
Moveable protective walls
Onagers to throw dead bodies which will spread pestilence
Water building tiles to build a moat around your base (right now there is a mod in development to make this possible)
Doorways with portcullis
More traps

On the nercomancy thing, another way could be the human meat gatherable could be put into an altar or something to create flesh golems or some other kind of undead.

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Dirketo? Goddess of life and death?

I think Derketo has enough stuff in her altar compared to the other gods, unless they were going to give them all come kind of spell.

It isn’t about the number of items in the shrine. It’s about fitting the god’s portfolio. Necromancy makes sense for that god, in a twisted kind of way. Giving life to death. The unfortunate thing about derketo is that they gave her the blanket of both life and death. Thus, permitting the bastardizing of it all.

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I also thought about magical items, like weapons that can only be crafted if you have a set amount of corruption or crafting stations, like the Volcano Forge and Ice Forge that make weapons and gear aimed at Corruption, like proection against it or weapons that deal it as damage. Possible Corruption seige ammo, since there is already a few potions and drinks that give you corruption on use in game as is.

Being able to add or find magic weapons would be cool. Something with fire, ice, lightning or some unique addition to the weapons or shields would be awesome. I love the idea of having the ability to add moats around my walls as well.
Siege weapons - those mentioned above plus, scorpions, arbilest, or even crossbows. Being able to mount them on the walls for counter fire would also be cool.
Magic - Elementalist abilities. I thought I had read somewhere that they were talking about a magic system being worked on for the game, so that’s going to open the door on a lot of things. Being able to loot spell books in dungeons, or learn them from some mage living in a tower would be a great addition. Though eventually they’ll have to expand the map as well to accommodate all this. :smiley:

Why not make a sorcery class as there were witches in the conan series…

On another note I believe most of the tribes on our public server agree there should be specialized classes as well instead of one person swapping weapons out to get close to what they want.

Joyel has said in streams that the Volcano would host the magic trainers. Since lorewise the Book of Skeleos is a big book of magic, in both the Conan and Lovecraft universes.

Seige: Porticullis to go on gatehouses, works similar to elevator with a large spinning wheel that is placed on a ceiling tile that is part of the block.

I don’t think the game needs classes. It’s a survival game not a mmo, not to mention there is already a bit of a class thing going on with bow builds verus melee builds.

Seige: Spike pits, and tar pits that can be placed out and set on fire.
Curse tower, a item that goes on top of a stucture to act as a kind of fueled seige defense.

I think maybe a rebalance to Seige as well, since it seems most players just orbs bases open.

Sorcery: Sorcerors have their bracelets removed to use the spells in game, however if the character dies instead of respawning the player is forced to create a new character. As a trade off for the spells in a balancing act.

Siege is as important as anti-siege imo, and we need a lot of that in addition to making thrall AI smart enough to help players use these.

-Ballista(fixed)- using siege platform, place a ballista which can fire large arrows dealing damage directly or piercing a siege tower with its rope line to pull it down before it reaches your walls.

-Tar patch(placeable)- requires high amounts of tar to place splash of it on the floor (requires somewhat flat surface). If shot at by a fire arrow/bolt or another source of fire the patch will ignite and burn for a while causing damage to players and heavy damage to siege.

-Cages(already in-game) ability to place captured animals inside the cage. If the cage is broken or opened it will release the placed beast inside which will attack anything in sight.

-Corruption stone(Trebuchet ammo)- Hurl a rock which breaks upon impact opening its corruption to affect those near it. The stone, like normal ammo, will impact and roll to a resting point emmiting corruption for some time unless destroyed.

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ballista or arbalest - a siege crossbow

What’s about a siege tower, scaling ladders, movable protective barriers and a battering ram?

I would love to see more done with the sieging of other players keeps and even a few additional anti sieging equipment. The thralls will definitely need to be updated to handle all of these new equipments.

Aye, some anti-seige traps would be useful. Spike traps, tar pits, etc.

Sorcery is coming next after the pet system has fully launched.