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So this is to ask people here , While i love siptah its was rushed and there very little content … the art team did a fantastic job once again … The art team does more then the techinal side … but i couldnt help to notice that shifting from Exile land to Siptah … there a huge gap in between not just in content wise but material gating. if it werent for us modder filling in those gap … siptah would be dead in waters not even able to launch from the docks.

Without pippi and other mods that add more for siptah and making the balance a bit more fun.

But there is many problems i have with siptah. your vault are no doubt one of the coolest dungeon set ive seen. Love all of them my favorate is the spider dungeon. The vault chest not having loot after doing bosses are one of them. That drove me away because that a core mechanic that every RPG has done correctly this was the first time ive seen this fail.

So a problem is obviously the Surges … spawning T1-T3 fighter/archer/dancer/bearer are good … they have a good mix. But you fail to see that you negated the Crafter thrall T1 … rarer to see a T2 and never to never a T3
my suggestion make T3 crafter more dropping and more able to do things with.

Your terrains are next to impossible to cross so many hills , valley cliff side … it makes traveling 10x harder not impossible but it feel sluggish to a crawl only to be denied … and once we do get recipes … then were left to wonder how do we get supplies to make recipes.

The biome and creatures are pretty good you got a good mix. And the weapon system you have it nicely handled no complaint… love the delving bench that is a good idea but the cost of the material is too high for the available and how often we have to do it. Lower it from 20 to 1 bars … on the delve bench … that seem more reasonable to help get to end gear and start to really do pvp. This would help the game fast pace environment.

Because we dont have access to easy T4 farming fighter / archer thralls you need to reduce the bosses hp by alot only reason why im able to do it because of lag abuse on these as lags help to keep the creature stun for longer.

IF you can cut down the chaos needing for the max wild surge from 1000 to 500 it would feel just right as a small team can do that reasonably.

So from a modding perspective we need documentation on your surges , to add to it … or to change it so the drops on private server can be adjusted … let us modder test out balances for you.

The malestorm Mechanic … i would love to take a look in it and add it to the sandstorm that we have on exile land to make it add more danger to those that build in the path you obviously have a good system here.

What happen to your team that use to do contests for art , mods , builds , or even just weekly dev stream and just generally talk to us. You all been so quiet its annoying. Lots of people have came to me complaining this and that. Most of the complaint was that you never really ask us about anything regard to the issue with pvp balance and how pve balance could be like … i know some of yall are role players … and are not pvper. The bandage changes and Pots are fun change … this was a low blow to everyone … I’ve had peopel almost quit … to go to server that doesnt do pvp … and well Pvp all together just stopped … its just not fun anymore to pvp but your RP community and modding are basically half of your customer support. Without Pippi… and some of other core mod … your game would be dead. like no joke …

Last but i wish to address this … We as a community would really appreciate if you would come and look at your social media … from Forums here and to reddit and to twitch live streaming … Come back and start telling us thing … even if it just a little make us feel like were part of your game , your community … only reason why ive stuck around was because … Funcom was so openly vocal and would interact with us. And yes while i agree covid did us dirty … but that no excuse to have community manager to reach out to post and start to be human around us and provide things.

Its dipping hard and your only a month away from losing lots to other games … this christmas is coming and lots new games are coming … answer my question and many are scared to ask

"what makes your game better then everyone else that we stayed to play it "

My answer was before 2020 started … it was the community i love the dev stream learn alot got to know you all. Geniunely felt proud to have a role-model company to look up to. But this feels weird too much silence on your project ive check everywhere … all i get are copy paste bug report and no live stream of games from your team. Just weird.

PS. Welcome Dana to the team. I hope you can bring back the love of the community.

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