So, because of lag, I opened my social set box of silent legion

I was trying to move it to the bank for auction house but then lag spiked and I notice that instead of it being in my bank, it is opened in my inventory. Please can you reverse it??? I did not want to open it! I hope not putting it on until then will make sure I do get that reversal. Ty

You would have to make a /petition in game, but the answer will almost certainly be no, there is nothing to be done.

So I pretty much will lose 2k gold because they simply can’t remove the social gear and add me a damn box? I’m gonna be seriously pissed if that’s the case. Not my fault they cant make servers work.

You never know without trying, but I believe in the past they usually have sided with the “we can’t do that”. I may be wrong, or things may have changed, so go ahead and try.

Doesn’t hurt to try /petition, but I guess you’ll get reply like ‘‘You break it, you pay for it’’ lol :stuck_out_tongue: If that’s the case, next time don’t click items in your inventory hoping to bug something up when there’s lag and just wait it out.

Why would I try to bug an item worth 2k gold? And why do you assume I would want to?

It’s very easy to accidentally double click on something like a cache and use it. Chances are the lagspike caused the game to register the click as a double click and it opened the box. In this case it wouldn’t be a bug. What would be the point of bugging it out?

I doubt you’ll get this sorted in a way that you’ll like but I wish you luck nonetheless

Almost week after posting here and in petition, I’m even subbed, no reply or anything. I am starting to wonder what was the point of even winning that cache on the stream xP

Well, utterly disappointing, GM telling me there’s nothing possible to do after it is opened…fking lies like hell, would be easier if he outright said he’s too lazy to do it. Waiting a week for nothing more than saying can’t do anything is outright insulting. I think I am not going to sub anymore. This is the worst treatment as a player I ever got. Not even an offer of gold of equal value either…supposedly, we are meant to get better support than non supporters…Disappointing lol.

the official answer to this kind of question has always been no, so why would they change now ?

Didn’t you say you won that cache for free? I don’t think you get money for messing up free stuff… if I win a car and instantly drive it against a wall they wont pay me the amount of money the car was worth before I destroyed it.

But regarding the opening of caches, a few years ago when the first caches were added to the game I think there was a warning question when your right clicked it which asked you if you really want to open it. They should add that again, especially for legendary caches.

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Well, they could easily just remove the item from my inventory and instead give me like 1600g. And that’s done. The fact that they are saying they cant do nothing (when they can) is what annoys me.

I’m surprised they removed it, if it was even in the game. Now I’m stuck with ugly armor in my inventory and I can’t even sell the pieces…

That has to be one of the most greedy things I have heard in some time. Sorry but you are not the first and won’t be the last, that’s a simple fact.


well, people would just open those on purpose and then petition it to get more gold than other people would buy those items … there is no fixed price, so it’s only worth what the others agree to pay for it.


Well, whatever the price would be. The point is I am stuck with it and it’s not even my fault. I only mentioned 1600g because that was he last price I saw it was on.