So, Funcom suggested they listen, then take every action to prove that they don't

I can get you some screenshots of the B9 and C9 purges later, but I’m not sure yet about the Lemurians — didn’t have a chance to ask as that’s when all hell broke loose with the purge in C9. If only chat wouldn’t scroll to the bottom everytime someone makes a new comment…

I’ll try to ask tonight if I’m online. The cruel irony is, I had just finished dismantling my jungle base (to try and conform with the draconian 55 thrall limit and still have a hope at defending my other bases) when someone mentioned in global chat that they had gotten Lemurians earlier that evening. Pretty sure those who were in voice chat with me at the time are scheduling appointments with audiologists today…


I have reeled in horror as my formerly unstoppable reptilian herd was half-munched by a demonic croc. And as my purge bar surged after 14 hours of solid play, I’m leveling my new gang but quick. Thank you @Larathiel for your excellent reporting, and @Zeb :heart_decoration: for such a great analysis here in this thread!!


You do know the Welsh are Brythonic right?

The Brythonic are in the modern day - Welsh, Cornish and Breton.
Once it was all of Britannia that was Brythonic with the Picts North of the Lowlands of Scotland.

Prove me wrong.
A language of older Welsh was spoken in Wales, North West and North East England and Lowland Scotland before the Gaels took over all of Scotland.

Y Gododdin a Welsh poem is set in the Kingdom of Gododdin, a Brythonic Tribe called the Votadini before the Anglo-Saxons took over and formed Northumbria.

Yr Hen Ogledd refers to the Brythonic Kingdoms of Northern and Lowland Scotland.

Welsh are Britons, end of. You can’t argue against it. Insular Celtic is what Britons spoke.

And on another note…Aquilonia mostly formed Wales while Cimmeria mostly formed England, Scotland and Ireland. Clearly you don’t understand what I said, in general the Brythonic people were used to create the Cimmerians, so were Gaulish people from Gaul and the Kimmerioi. There was no such thing as Wales or England during that time perioid or a thing called Scotland. It was Albion/Britannia.

I know all that, being Welsh and all. I’ve got nothing to prove you wrong on. Semantics my friend…as for my original post regarding Funcom messing with the lore, I meant to say nearly all of it. I’ve paid attention, they gave the Cimmerians priests, which is wrong as Cimmerians did not worship their gods. At all. The Cimmerians armour should give the + to grit, not vitality, as according to R E Howard the Cimmerians were known as expert climbers. The Aesir/Vanir were not known for their climbing but their vitality. Poitainians are based on the Norman Knights and never had Katanas either. Did you ever hear of a Knight from Normandy weilding Japanese weapons?

Eh, Cimmerians were likely spiritual as they believed in Spirits in water and all that, maybe akin to a form of Druidism.

And Exiled Lands mate, anything goes. Exiles bring the knowledge of their culture and I shall say again, The Exiled Lands is not canon either. Giant-Kings ruled Stygia, and the place we’re in was lush and green not a desert. And there is the fact people move around Hyboria, which is not unheard of, maybe for the Khitan.

My Argossean, Bellerophon, has fought Vanir, Picts, Zingarans, Stygians and pirates. He took weapons and armour from them all. Maybe he sailed to Vendhya and bought things from there or went to the Antillian Islands where some Atlanteans went too.

I know they actively avoided worshiping their chief deity Crom, or at least worshiping him in the traditional praying and building churches fashion. But I’m not so sure about any others as far as how prickly they are to being worshiped.

At any rate, it’s not unreasonable that a few Cimmerians might convert to another religion after being exiled and stuck in a land where the gods are literally walking around and stomping on things. Though they might also be considered something like the village idiot by the other Cimmerians as well.

I’ve seen the Cimmerian Priest NPC, but it has been ultra rare and it’s a priest of Ymir, not Crom. Like others already mentioned, it’s not unreasonable to imagine that a few Cimmerians here and there might convert and worship one of the other gods. Most of the Cimmerians in the Mounds have the proper attitude towards Crom, e.g. “Crom’s poxy balls!”

Besides, the game allows you to create a Cimmerian player character and pick almost any in-game religion right at the start. And then you can run around the world and collect all the other religions. That’s so far from Howard’s source material, it might as well be in another galaxy – would you expect them to restrict that?

Here’s the thing: it’s a video game based on existing literature. Those are two different media and they have different requirements. The defining characteristic of video games, the one that sets them apart from other media, is the player agency. As Sid Meier famously put it, “a good game is a series of interesting choices”. That’s why usually everything in a good game is in service of gameplay, including the story, the world, the setting, the lore, etc.

What I’m getting at is that a certain degree “artistic license” if indispensable if you’re making a game.

So yes, you’re absolutely right about all those details. But I cannot agree with you that Funcom was taking the piss and “screwed with ALL of R. E. Howard’s lore.” That kind of hyperbole is not really reasonable.

Out of all your examples, I think the most egregious of Funcom’s lore screwups is the Poitainian katana. All the other examples are either reasonable artistic license or debatable :wink:

Well, I don’t know about Admin spawned purges. I do all research in game on officials if possible. Some things I have to do offline.

However, Last night, it was the Sobek purge in the jungle. All human, very few could be knocked out, and it was a disaster. There were 30 in the first wave, attacking from opposite sides, at the same time. They tore through the T3 building easily. Two of the players fighting were killed multiple times. The final wave had about 50.

The final tally lost included - Greater wheel, map, three stables with horses, around 45 legacy and newly placed thralls and greater pets.

If you wanted human purges in the jungle, you just got them, and they are not something to dismiss.

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