So, Funcom suggested they listen, then take every action to prove that they don't

Here’s the process for that:

  1. Take your unwanted thrall to a boss.
  2. Have it fight the boss.
  3. If the thrall dies, get its stuff. If the boss dies, get the key.
  4. Rinse and repeat.


That being said, I’m too damn lazy to do that myself. I get plenty of keys without going to that hassle and if I ever need much more, I’ll just spend some time grinding them :smiley:


No, they have not.

They’ve made their own part of the map and added things to the lore like the RPG books. They didn’t screw with it all if you pay attention.
Let us look at Cimmerians - " He correlates Cimmeria with the Cymric people, Cimbri, Gimirraii, Scythians, Cimmerians, and the Crimea. Geographically located over modern Ireland, Scotland, and England."

Mate…Games Workship MADE UP what Rhun, Khand and Harad with how they look like, did they ruin it? Same for parts of the Gondor Fifedoms (The Clansmen are kilt wearing two handed sword wielding warriors yet tis never mentioned in ANY Tolkien lore from him or his son.)

Last time i grinded keys was on accident a long while ago, due to the crocodile boss.

Ah!! I used another method.

Placed some spikes.
Built a ceiling above it.
Put thrall there.
Remove ceiling
Watch as he/she/it dies slowly…

I 2nd the motion…

If you don’t want to keep wasting mats for the ceiling, use a hatch. You should be able to just pick up the hatch door :wink:


I am personally very pleased with the changes. They might not be perfect but at least the encrusted and unplayable meta that was covering official servers like mold was touched at last.

B. Funcom has destroyed hours worth of time with past patches. As this one is so game changing, as in, completely reworking it from its foundations, I believe its very likely they break peoples current bases, the game, and who knows how long (or how severe) things will be broken. Hell, they are already consciously destroying peoples thralls.

This is an argument I read very often especially in the follower cap feedback posts. I can only say that a good PvP game has a type of eco system, where things are gathered and accumulated to get used eventually. Balance of powers is always in relation to other players. The ultimate goal is not to build large and have 50 archpriests in a chest, but to use this eventually to destroy your enemies.

Huge bases and lots of outposts are the only reason why you would need more than 100 followers and exactly this phenomenon is a clear sign that the PvP balance isn’t working at all, because some clans have accumulated so much landclaim that its breaking the boundaries of what is reasonable to have/defend and use.

Thus I think the reasoning that you are losing your work is somewhat invalid, because in relation to other players you still remain in your position of power and your landclaim that you can defend will naturally shrink to an amount that fits the new PvP balance. Nothing is meant to be permanent on a PvP server.


Frog, like myself, is a stated PVE player, where the game is very different and with different goals.

Let’s set aside for the moment the discussion about whether it’s okay to ignore the PVE side of things.

I agree with you that hoarding for the hoarding’s sake is not something that should be preserved by Funcom, if it’s to the detriment of other aspects of the game. But you seem to be laboring under the misapprehension that hoarding is the only accumulation of work that gets wiped out by this update.

Case in point: Purge is, arguably, bugged and virtually broken on official servers. There’s something wrong with difficulty 6 specifically, and it’s been tested and confirmed by numerous players, and reported as a bug to hell and back. As it stands now, it’s nearly impossible to get a human Purge on official servers.

Why am I harping on about the Purge? Because that’s how you get rare Purge-only thralls. Bear in mind I said “nearly impossible”, not “impossible”. This means that, to get a Purge-only thrall, you have to work very hard to keep triggering Purges as often as you can, and hope you’ll get blessed by RNGesus. Many, many hours of work. And then an update rolls out and your Purge-only thrall – that you’re actively using and not hoarding in a chest – becomes worthless and you face the choice of either sacrificing a spot in your now-limited follower roster for the sake of stupid sentimentality or break the bonds with your Purge-only thrall and toss those hours of work into the trash bin.

Does that seem okay to you?

And before someone decides to jump in and accuse me of complaining against the follower cap: I’m not. The follower cap is an important perf fix and it should stay. But the update does toss a lot of hours of effort into the garbage and brings problems that should be addressed.

I agree with you and as stated before, I can’t legitimately talk from a PvP position.

In PvE however, none of what you stated applies really. The only rotation of base and land claim is when a player/group of players get disinterested and decay finally takes its toll when it comes to PvE.

The base we have been working on all this time is forfeit moving to a private server to deal with the changes, and the changes coming, directly interferes with continued development on said base. It is a unique situation for each player. However, lots of players are in this situation.

I’m bummed Funcom doesn’t differentiate from type of server for their adjustments. I understand it comes at a cost to facilitate further configuration between servers, but I personally think it would be very worth it for Funcom and the players.

Its a matter of what they find important. Currently, it feels like mounts and thrall levels/perks are more important to Funcom then a large group of players and their play style.

They kill the boss creatures as I kite them over. Bosses kill them. Keys galore. I killed over 400 thralls/pets. It was glorious. I have pictures, but they are not safe for the general public, what with the arms and legs and whatnot scattered all over.

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Not quite. We have 6 clans that play together and fight in each other’s purges. The last 5 purges I fought in were - Snakes, Cimmerian Beast Tamers (3 times), Vanir Chieftains. That’s 4 of 5 human purges with the best one (Beast Tamers) three times.

I am positive the purges are a product of the base location. The snake purge was in the jungle, while two Beast Tamers were at the Mounds, and the other two were near the Great Dam.

Oh, it is, but it’s also bugged. I’m a creature of habit and I like having my main base in a specific location. On official servers, when my main base gets hit, I get stuff like rocknoses. On a private server with difficulty 5, I get Relic Hunters.

So yeah, if you have a main base and a few other builds in the desert, a couple of builds in the jungle and an outpost in the highlands, you might get Cimmerian Beast Tamers or Vanir Chieftains eventually. If you build mostly in the highlands and the Mounds, and only have a build or two in the jungle or desert, you would get a better chance of getting a human Purge.

Now let’s say I’m not just being a stubborn đïçk and that my builds are where they are because I made them before they re-broke the Purge. What’s the solution? Spam small outposts in the Mounds or the highlands? Do we really want to encourage that?

So yeah, getting a human Purge might not be nearly impossible for everyone, but it’s still a problem with serious ramifications.

I am expecting a purge tonight. If it comes at my Mounds base, it will most like be Beast Tamers. The Savannah base usually gets rocknoses. The desert base gets scorpions or hyenas. The Dam base gets either Beast Tamers or Vanir. That’s what I expect on a regular basis. Hyena purges are the worst because invariably there’s a baby hyena somewhere that you have to find and kill to advance the wave.

In the PvP server, our last purge was Followers of Jhebbel Sag. There were some named characters along with the animals from the Grove. Like the hyena purge, we had to hunt down the stray DEER to end the wave a couple of times.

Every purge, somebody asks why they don’t get something, and we always refer them to the Wiki page that shows what will purge and the range it goes. It also used to mention that level 6 spawns more animal purges than human, but that’s been changed.

I’m not sure how long you’ve been playing, so you might already know what I’m going to write. If so, I mean no offense by explaining it.

There was a period when the Purges worked really well. You would have a chance of getting a human Purge regardless of where you built. It wasn’t guaranteed to be human, but was guaranteed not to, either.

One of the biggest problems with the Purge today is that there are locations where you are guaranteed not to get a human Purge. Ever. It has been tested, it has been confirmed, and it has been reported. I’m too lazy right now to dig for it, so I’ll summon @Zeb to help me out :wink:

This only happens on difficulty 6. It’s clearly a bug.

So I apologize if I sound like a broken record, but this is a problem that needs a solution, instead of encouraging people to spam little outposts in certain areas just to get a human Purge. Especially on PVE and PVE-C servers, where there’s no base destruction, so you can’t turn this outpost spamming into fun little wars.


Got at Wednesday again a spider purge, instead of a human purge… But my mainbase is bugged for purges anyway… There just doesnt appear anything anywhere and after 1 hour the purge defeated message appears, without seeing a single monster :confused:

And then Funcom locks armor behind a purge armorer, because its something you can get daily… facepalm (PS.: I even have a purge armorer).

You know the Cymric are Welsh, right? I’m Welsh and Wales is NOT in England.

The purge last night was in the Savannah, and we got the usual Rocknoses. However, since they fixed the Rocknose purge, we didn’t get 7-8 Avalanches per wave. It was a welcome change.

Per your other question, I started Conan on July 4, 2018, so I have a tad bit of experience. I remember getting Lemurians in the jungle, Vanir in the north, Darfari & Exiles in the desert, and Relic Hunters in the west. I also remember every single one of them being naked, and not a single named thrall among them. Since the change, I have personally fought in well over 50 purges for both my clan and allies, and we had to defend against humans quite a bit.

As to the other comments about what level Purge will and won’t come, Level 6 does not mean only level 6 purges will spawn, because, according to the Wiki, levels up to 5 and 6 are only in the Snow, Highlands, and Volcano. Up to 3-4 in the center of the map & Jungle. Have you gotten Apes and snakes in the Jungle, because those are generally level 4. I have never seen a level 6 Imp purge, but that would be awesome.

I say all of that for this point. PvE is where I have spent the majority of my time. I have been in PvP for the last few months. My clan has 5 PvE bases across the map for convenience and thrall hunting. We like to build, but since we are one of the oldest clans on the server, we are also allied with all the large clans. We keep our server free of trolls. We’ve walled in jerks who build to block.

If you want multiple bases, all we ask is keep the path open, and don’t block resources.

Our 1st purge, a week ago, was Exiled Vanir Chieftain. We are in the highlands. Human purges are very possible.

Hey Zeb, these have been my findings up until now as well. However, it looks like the purge situation has been altered without notice or patch notes as of yesterday’s update. I say this because the PvE Official I play on saw 3 new purge types attack last night that are not including in the data-mined information available on the wiki.

These included:

  • Cimmerian Berserkers (B9)
  • Lemurian Warriors (Jungle)
  • some type of Nordheimer purge (C9)

I’m eager to do some additional testing, but given how strong these enemies were, I want to get all my old thralls replaced with a few levels under their belts before the next go — at least on the Official anyway. Be curious to see what others’ findings are post-patch.