So, I don't get to keep the Fatality Buff? But that's why I played Zath


Seriously, I would never have started a character on Zath except that it received the fatality buff. I don’t think T-6 gear advances your character due to the -1000 pvp hit rating. I don’t need to play AoC quest lines again, I have 22 level 80 characters and have been subbed since May 2008.

No it was only for the Fatality buff which I was led to believe would be transferred since “only Zath characters get the Buff”. I guess they meant only character ‘on’ Zath have the buff, not that they get the buff.

That and the hidden T-6 weapon quest are very misleading. Now all I have is great disappointment for having played Zath. Please be clearer in what you mean in the future Funcom. You just state it all in the original messages to the players, even if it gets a little cluttered with text.

What AoC really needs is some quests to use your Raidfinder T-4 gear for. Well, other than getting -1000 pvp hit rating gear, which really doesn’t advance your character. How can you advance by losing the PvP half of the game?


Because PvPers don’t want to get op gear from doing PvE stuff? This was the biggest discussion that lead to the negative stats. The armor would be just better than PvP T3 if it didn’t have the negative PvP stats.

And also, the T6 weapon reward was not hidden, if you really believed that you would get a T6 weapon for just hitting level 80 (that’s what you say in all the other threads where you complain about it) then you are a little bit delusional… hitting level 80 is no real achievement for 95% of the community.


Sorry but Funcom was quite clear about this. You only read what you wanted to read. This also happens to be a pve server, don’t you think pve rewards make sense?

And the t6 pvp debuff has been around for a long time on pvpers’ request (if it weren’t I’m sure you’d line up with the people crying about t6 gear unbalancing pvp further - and I’m one of those, just to be clear). I only wish they didn’t forget to debuff the chaos/rf tanky rings. And some of the t5 runes debuffs are too small also.


This guy is a clear troll, just read his last posts, dont give him more attention :slight_smile: