So I got two T4s from the cages at Grave of the Leviathan

Single player, Bug, Siptah

I was looking for a T3 bearer on the west coast, when I instead found two Amzadi the wanderer, one in each at Grave of the Leviathan. I either got very, very lucky… or there’s a single roll being used for both cages. My hunch is the latter. They did have different attribute chances and weapons though. I tried to falsify using TeleportPlayer, but that proved difficult, since the cages didn’t seem to populate properly on teleport.

My guess is that, whenever there’s a thrall in both cages, they will be of the same tier, and possibly the same template. I have seen this happen previously, but not the other way round.

  1. Go to the cages at Grave of the Leviathan ( TeleportPlayer -310930.4375 133767.265625 -19709.091797 )
  2. Observed: If both cages contain a thrall, they will be of the same type (tier etc).
    (Expected: Different)

Again, I neither falsified nor confirmed this, because the cages were always empty whenever I teleported there.

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Hey @cytokine

Thank you for the observation. We’ve sent your report to our team to see if we can reproduce this on our end.

There is a player from my server that plays quite often and said the chances of finding a named bearer at this location is super high. I don’t know if it is that one he has seen but most likely is.

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