So I'm a Admin now May 8th Like official server 3x

So after I was approached by some servers on May 8th Ill be running a official like PVP server with 3x EXP and 3x harvest US NYC server I will only be there mainly for when # reports are done and if there are some community driven events. when level 60 you have 1,300 skill points for crafting recipes and clean ups of servers will be on every server reset for performance

Ip for Direct connect is :

Can you explain something for me?
What would you define as “official like”?

Cause it seems you have improved rates, it also seems you have a specialized set of rules.
It also seems like there is a player with admin rights on the server.
Now i don’t want to be all negative as it’s not the way i value all of that.
However i do value the term “official like” in regards to all the previous stated as something negative as i define and value “official like” a whole lot different.

those rules are for server performance to have a lessen load on the data base. I am the admin there to set special vaules and scripts to make the server have better quality of life improvements. Play as you do on officials but #report with a video for hackers and exploits Since I take a back seat of monitoring unless something needs to be addressed.

also I will not be playing there unless there is a special event or something the community wants in a straw poll

Will avatars be active? And what raid times are you looking to have?

for avatars are bad still unless they buff them the server will have gods and afternoon raid times for raiding with extended raid times on the weekend. Still cheaper to raid with bobs, trebs and orbs. But if gods get buffed on day1 patch to almost destroy bases like in early EA conan then they will be disabled to promote raiding

EDIT server owner does not want gods

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Last question, how often will you wipe the server? Monthly, bi monthly ect?

because havest and that will be 3x it will probably be bi monthly unless a major patch comes through that changes building meta or to get rid of old value weapons