So was sorcery mostly a waste?

Last time I ever cast any spell was 3 months ago (not including summon corpse or transpotary stone)

As someone who doesnt really use sorcery all that much, I LOVE what it did for the game. Its now actually “sword and sorcery” thematically which adds great flavor to the world (and new npcs). When Siptah came out, there was a feeling that the Exile Lands were “done”. Clearly not true and its exciting for the future.


I’m feeling the same way as you but clearly a lot of folks do like it so I’ll quit thinking/calling it a waste. Hopefully they keep adding spells and maybe I’ll eventually find something that will keep my interest.

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This…I can’t express the amount of disappointment when the live stream told us that spells were considering major content fitting for an age release and not chapter release within the age.

That depends on what you mean by “spells”. If we’re talking about stuff you can cast with your staff, then the only one I’m using on the regular basis is Mass Cull, and only on trees.

If we’re talking about all aspects of sorcery, then there’s a lot more stuff that I love. My favorite is Summon Corpse. Soloing the Midnight Grove and got killed due to lag? Now I don’t have to worry about the bug that resets the whole damn dungeon, I can just summon my corpse. Had a lag spike while fighting the Arena Champion? Summon corpse. And so on, and so on.

Two other things that I really like are Elixir of Rebirth and Abyssal Mount.

There’s more, but those were my top three.


There is one thread here

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And I can say here also that I my mind is totally blown in WHY devs feel they need to nerf sorcery when its barely useful in the first place? Why have corrupted stats when they are a hindrance instead of a benefit? What is going on in their heads?

I came back after not playing the game for over 2 years, BECAUSE OF SORCERY. I want to be a sorcerer, something that has an ACTUAL USE to go with the flavor.

The devs REALLY need to backtrack and consider reinstating the goodwill of players cause it just took a huge hit.

Not on a pvp server, as those portals can be used to invade your base.

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What did they nerf? The lighting storm was a bug to begin with.

This goes for every mode really.

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As mentioned, I initially was against having “high fantasy” type sorcery in the game but to me sorcery really feels more like it has just a support role with several spells that folks see as being useful versus being a primary build.

Admittedly I mostly play PVP and haven’t tried it much but once again I don’t see many folks using it on the server I’m on atm.

I’m not sure what my suggestion is but when I imagine a Conan type sorcerer, I picture a bad ass demonologist or necromancer who strikes fear into the hearts of the barbarians. I’m just not sensing that folks who do want a primarily sorcery build are striking much fear but I’m happy to be educated :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t noticed too many people using sorcery on our server. Not to say they don’t tho. Personally, I’ve use Mass Cull to stock up on mats, and the slow fall spell a few times of I’m too lazy to climg down something. The other spells I’ve tried just to say I did and haven’t used them since. Other than that, sorcery just doesn’t interest me in its current form.

And that damned slow fall spell wore off during a fall last time I used it. splat :expressionless:

Sorcery is not usable in dungeons. Sorcery is not usable against witch queen (I dunno what it wouldve done against her anyway, but the nerf is there).

Zombies have had their damageboost nerfed. They now also have 0 armor. Reduced inventory size of zombies to 5. Wall of fire does no damage. (I dont know if to this date theres been a player who has cast wall of fire more than once, but there is a nerf on a spell that nobody uses ever.)

You can find the latest patch notes on this subforum:

I guess I wasn’t aware it was usable in dungeons to being with. It’s probably because cheaters would have an absolute field day if they could fly around in dungeons. Probably not the only reason but I don’t see why you can’t at least do a few spells in there.

Flying in dungeons was not a thing to begin with since the spell couldnt be used in enclosed spaces. It needs open sky above the character.

You can deactivate and then it gets very very beneficial as you can connect two locations and disconnect them at raid time. Also you can set traps where the raiding clan teleports in and gets killed.

You can still put armor on them I believe. Also they have 10-20 k health.

Not sure if it ever did

True but the ice bridge/slow fall would still achieve what I was getting at

overall I don’t think there was that many nerfs it was more just a lack of buffs

I am aware of all of this, but I still don’t consider the portal to be automatically useful.

Considering the patch notes reads “removed damage components from wall of fire”, Id say yes. Not that anybody ever cast that spell, theres now even less of a reason to do so.

Again incorrect. You could never put armor on zombies, there was an exploit that allowed it but devs fixed it in an earlier update.

I wouldn’t be so sure. They removed the slots like thralls have for armor but you can still drag armor over to the spot and watch the armor go up


YES! This is the exact feel it should be in a clan setting. It’s either a support role for a clan (like Akiro in the movie) or a solo nemesis like Thusla Doom.

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Check again…they never fixed it and the quick fix was to just remove the native armor.