So we’re back to the old ways?

What’s the point of walls in this game if a purge can spawn inside your base? This happen before in the old map and I saw a mass exodus of people leave because of it. Now it’s happening in siptah.
The maker of the game said we can’t have magic but the purge can magically spawn inside your base? Games are supposed to be challenging and fun but it’s no fun to having to constantly fix your base from a purge that seems to spawn where ever it feels like, and why your fixing the insane damage from your last purge. Well that purge meter seems to be ready to purge again. Guys fix your dam game! Suspend the purge till it’s fixed and give players a break!


From what I’ve been able to find, purges spawn from a location and move towards a target foundation piece. If there is no path to that piece that can be walked (even if that path requires destruction of placed walls and other pieces), they will spawn basically directly on top of it.

So, treehouse bases with only elevator access, as well as clifftop bases will almost always have spawns directly inside.
Bases that are on a narrow outcropping with deep water around it will often get purged directly inside ( if the purge would spawn from a direction that would make approach in a fairly direct line impossible), but may spawn outside.
Bases that are on a narrow outcropping that is only slightly elevated, so that it’s not directly walkable, but a walkable route is within the basic leash distance of the creatures the purge consists of, from the point they would acknowledge the foundation and agro, will rarely get purges inside the walls.
Bases on a flat plane with easy access from all sides shouldn’t get a purge teleporting directly inside.

Yes, it is basically a punishment for choosing naturally defensible locations to build in. Then again, many of the principles of good fortress design simply do not apply in this game, so at least it’s consistent?

I haven’t run stress tests recently, but this was the way it worked about two patches ago (during that long span between patches for console users), and this much does not seem to have changed.

Also, don’t expect much change that isn’t in the patch going for certification presently.
Funcom (as is true of many Scandinavian companies) takes a very long Summer break (by the standards of nations that take pride in working their populace to death) and the PS4 patch in certification with Sony will either be approved and release this week, or it’ll be a month or more before we see anything else

Pretty much this. As long as a path exists where they can walk into your base, even if they have to destroy a wall or two to do it, the odds that they will spawn inside your base are greatly reduced.

So, you know, if you’re up in the trees or something, try building a staircase somewhere instead of relying entirely on elevators. I’m not 100% sure that will work, but it’s worth a shot.

I’ve been playing this game for a long time now, my base is on the ground it’s a 10x10. So it’s not huge. It’s not in a tree or on a clif there are many paths to it. I understand the mechanics of a purge and the Faults of were to build and not to build. But when I see the purge spawn in a base threw the walls multiple times in a base that was built on a easily accessible terrain, I know there’s a fault in the mechanics of it. Your game is broken funcom! Suspend the purge until you fix it !


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