So, who's in charge?

In a recent interview, Joel said sorcery was coming directly after the pet update. Then in a Friday stream, Jens said it was never coming.

So, who is in charge there? Who makes the call? Which answer is correct?


Jens is the boss at FunCom…

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i-dont-know-smiley-emoticon2 @Herb
Who knows, the game is still in beta! Sorry post-release beta! Other survival games have mounts, sorcery, building, pets, events, etc. We have building, bugs, lag, crashes, server problems, declining players and our feet and arms.

From what Joel had said in that interview, the investors are in charge. I caught that on Saturday’s Powerhour too! They could be stringing us along like they did with the mounts in EA. Everything’s coming until it’s not!

anxious-smiley-emoticon2 Ooh Dark and Light looks promising…


Could you possibly reference the stream date and time stamp to look for on ‘Jens said it was never coming’? Vods are available on Twitch and YouTube.

I looked the stream and Jens didn’t say this. Joel Bylos announced it already in the interview with firespark - Sorcery - it will come.

I actually heard the same thing when i listened the streams, wonder whats the real deal ?

Could you please see my above comment? I can’t say unless I look at what you are referencing. I do honestly think Joel Bylos’ mentioning sorcery is the most accurate statement, otherwise I wouldn’t have added it to the wiki.

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Look the videos it was there

You get how that are tons of hours and days to review, right?
At least a hint at how long ago Jens said it wouldnt come.
Was it the last stream or one from weeks/months ago?

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i have watched them all when they came, my guess it was next stream after the interview or one after that, can’t recall

I believe they are referencing the stream before the last, or the one before. Jens didn’t say “never”, he just suggested that it wasn’t in the immediate updates after Pets. Joel didn’t say Sorcery was ready for Testlive, but suggested that they would start working on it after Pets. It’s not out of the question to having Sorcery before the end of the year, or slightly after.

We do know that the bow combo will be overhauled in one of the next patches after Pets, along with some heavy work to Purges and AI, and some serious optimization on building components. Jens could have just been running some damage control over Joel being so loose lipped during the Firespark interview, and ruining a big ‘PR Surprise’ for us in the near future, lol. Joel being so honest, optimistic and transparent is a huge part of why I miss seeing him on Livestreams. :wink:


All Jens said is that Joel’s mouth was writing checks it couldn’t cash. Take that however you want.


When I hear that it kind of makes me think of them debating about hiring a freelance special effects artist.

All anyone really has to look at is Funcom’s track record with past games. Just do a general search. Had I done so sooner, I’d have never bought this game in early access. And I would have taken a hard look at it at launch.
I think by now, it should be pretty clear to everyone that this game isn’t going anywhere. Shame…it had such great potential. Yet I’ll be the first to admit that I hope this developer proves me wrong. I don’t see how they’ve stayed in business.

7 Likes , not their regular streams. It was on Funcoms twitter page.

here is Joel’s comment on Aug 24th:
at 8:00 in stream

here is Jens on Aug 31st :
at 38:19 in stream


Herb’s probably right, I have seen too many streams lately

If you think Conan Exiles is buggy, Dark and Light has nothing on them. Take hours taming a beast by pumping it full of dozens or hundreds of rope arrows, feed it for hours the one food it likes, then have it die once you bring it home because an unstoppable Grim Reaper spawns inside your defenses and slaughters everything while you’re offline or away.

Conan Exiles may not be perfect but it’s miles above Dark and Light in almost every aspect.


:thinking: Haven’t played Dark and Light, just seen some videos of gameplay. You could be right. They do have many things Conan Exiles didn’t already in EA though. Like Mounts, Sorcery and pets and glass windows on buildings. I said it looks promising not that it’s better “down boy!”

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Also btw, Conan Exiles is still buggy, crashy and laggy and it’s a full release game [no excuse really], whereas Dark and Light is not! [work in progress]. Geez 7 Days to Die is still in EA and has been for years. You can get away with anything in EA as it’s “not complete.”

Dark and Light does look interesting (and I bought it on sale last xmas, never played it though), but feedback has been pretty bad from what I’ve seen. Probably why they are averaging 500 players on steamcharts.. Or Conan Exiles could be like the mess that is Space Engineers (still in “EA” after a gazillion years).

Conan Exiles has bugs, and has issues (I definitely don’t have crashes on PC though), but man can you do so much worse. This type of genre (open world sandbox) for whatever reason is just a buggy mess across multiple games. Conan Exiles is easily one of the better ones out there right now.