Soem Simple Ideas

To avoid Menu Scrolling, Many Entries should only appear out of an Bench.
Rarely Used Entries last. like in the Forge. Simple Task, much Comfort Win.

Horses should be Animals of Crom, disturbingly deadly, but stealable with Sweeties, or a Club to subjugate them. Grand Theft Horse. Weak Horse will take any Rider. More an Commodity, than a Thrall. but associated to Players by Deeds, striking an Horse is than remembered, like feeding it will. Not Counting as Thralls, and often get Lost when getting hit, potentially immortal, but territorial, and building aggressive Droves, under an Boss or Corrupted Stallion which could be stunnable by random or not.

Weak Horse get driven form the Marks of the Map. but populate the Borders also.

Crom’s Avatar should appear by Random, and fighting at the Side of an Master Slayer, but with an effective Risk to cut him apart when getting Cookie about his new Friend of Nobody. He appears like about 500 pure NoReligions NoMining Kills, when below 10% Health and taking above Steal Weapon Weapon or from Magic weapons of an non Crom Deity. Best Weapons should by made in an Forge to Crom, an normal Forge that is blessed by Crom when killing many M…f.

Crom loves best Killers most. Not Small Dealing Junk Collector.

Slave Pit Query: an yielding Fence or an Mine Entrance which gather Collectibles from the Environment by Killing Slaves Slowly like Ressources they are.
Some Deities should accept Living Slaves as Sacrifice, Crom however did not. Temples could be Slave Pits in some Ways.

Pits should not be Parts of Castles or Fortress, and shall produce nothing there, they are best allways Outside and Thieves loves them, they are some sort of Communistic Element, but slightable like killing all Slaves or burning it down, or poising the Slime Soup that prolonges the productive Suffering. How to Use I-III Slaves? Throw them in the Pit, perhaps a Conan survive them and avenge you by killing you or is subjugated as Hero Bearer.

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