Some Clarity on Certification?

We’ve been waiting a looooong time.

Can we get some update on the cert process ?

I see you guys are very active on Twitter while the home forum for the console side is a dumpster fire.

I’m seeing a trend of the daily pops across servers dying down on consoles, seems like everyone was prepping their ichor for this update back a few weeks ago and now I’m seeing 2 - 3 players a server again with the most being 5 - 8 ish on a good day.

Officials are to bloated to even consider playing on. So many thralls and structures bottlenecked the servers, enemies rubberband, invisible enemies will gank you on a resource run, explosives will go off way later than they should, avatars run at 15 fps once you’re in control of one, purges will lock up the game harder depending on the spawns…

Drop this update and put Conan on game pass & ps plus, guarantee it’ll save the console base and boost DLC sales…


Hey here’s some clarity no one from funcom has said anything and we still don’t have the update.have a nice day :blush:


Clairity would mean communication. Communication means talking to console players…why in hyboria would FC do that? Smh.


If console players knew anything, maybe some of us would not uninstall. Maybe FC would retain some of its XB consumers to buy DLC in the future. Maybe…

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They are too busy with Isle dlc or Dune or anything but xb and CE. Smh. Look at CE xbox servers, ghost towns. If they truly cared for xbox community they would fix CE before other half the servers say 0/40 players. But clearly they do not care. They care so little you can say whatever you want, as long as you dont curse, you wont get your post taken down. Probably cause none of them are reading them, or care how we feel. If Im wrong Funcom, respond or delete this post.


Hello everyone,

We’ve just posted a new message regarding the console situation. You can find more details here

As always, thank you for your patience and understanding.

There are some words there now. Not too sure on how clear for you. You know words can be hard.


And I posted on this forum 7hrs ago. They wrote update on other forum 6 hrs ago. I wrote a response there hr later. Thank you for info, but can read for my self.


You are perfectly understood, ps4 players receive the same communications that you apparently generated automatically, your frustration is understood after months and months without being able to play correctly, because of the problem that caused all that problem.

that you know that we are on your side, we feel the same way as you.

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