Some items I am missing

Meanwhile I have beaten with CE the playtime of all other games in my steam libary.

But some things are missing to me.
After I built a base, I needed some stuff from quite different locations on the map.
But my skill to carry stuff is quite limited.

So what about the item, that we can produce a coach who can pulled by different animals, you have tamed before.
Or mounts attached with bags or boxes for faster travel.

Also the possibility to produce coal by ourselfes.
You can burn wood, then you get coal.

How about that?

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There are already Bearers and Camels who can carry a huge amount of resources. Also, if you get your Encumbrance to 38 thru Attribute points, you can then use a Bearer Pack plus 4 pieces of Encumbrance-boosting armor to get 50-Enc. At that point, you can carry unlimited weight.


I don’t know if you need the coal for fuel, but in that case either oil (from fish, if you have water nearby) or - very close to your request - dried wood from the drying rack will serve your needs. If you need the coal for some other reason, please disregard :slight_smile:

I also agree with Larathiel that there’s plenty of options for carting around things without full encumberance build, a top-tier bearer can carry some 20.000+ stone or wood for example.

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Now we now how the pyramids were built :slight_smile:

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