Some Legendary items either nerfed or not working as intended

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3531

Bug Description:

Night-stalker Mask is significantly dimmer than it use to be before the update. It’s only slightly brighter than the in-game night cycle. This kinda makes the farm not nearly as rewarding as a torch and puts dual wielder builds at a disadvantage.
Update: This appears to be tied to Performance mode. Please consider allowing it to work better with Performance mode turned on.

Coup de Grace no longer kills after the KO bar is depleted on non-named thralls. Considering the time, effort, and RNG, this should really not be a normal truncheon. I understand damage was removed from truncheons, but this shouldn’t be done with the CdG. On a related note, T4 Corsairs still aren’t labeled with a gold bar outline (since Siptah was released actually), thereby causing them to die to the CdG when it’s working as intended.
Update: Szeth’s Truncheon doesn’t apply headache effect either.

Bug Reproduction:

Farm these legendary items and use them as intended.


All the night vision items must be adjusted from our gamma. Maybe the update changed you gamma settings, did you check it?
Plus the maps are darker now again at nights! After the update i gained 3 night stalker masks, 2 on 3011 and one on 3047. They are exactly the same with argosean dream dust which i prefer from all the other night vision options, i wont be frustrated if i loose them :wink:. My gamma settings needed adjustment again.

Is this intended?

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I’ll have to check. The rest of the lights around my base seem a bit dimmer as well, but daytime and nighttime themselves feel unchanged. I hate to adjust gamma just for the night vision.

Yeah, it’s suppose to only knock out named thralls, but kill all others. It makes farming thralls much easier when you put it in your follower’s hand. It’s remained that way until the Age of War update when they messed with truncheon damage.


We had to readjust gamma on my wife’s ps5 today much darker than mine when mine is normally darker


Thanks, I’ll check again. Still… the CdG should really be fixed.

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@sestus2009 @stelagel I adjusted the gamma in the game and all it did was make the game look more dull. So, no, it’s definitely been tweaked. It use to be almost blinding as it gets closer to dawn.

EDIT… attaching screenshots of without it and with it. On 2.00 gamma. I turn it up, it gets obviously brighter, but still little difference between the two.



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@sestus2009 @stelagel Update… it’s a performance mode issue. The light gets significantly dimmer. So, pretty much it sounds like they need to adjust night vision for performance mode. So yeah… that’s the issue.


Glad to not be able to see you got it figured out. Good hunting Exile. That was really dark. Have yet to toy with performance settings.


I meant about the change,
If the change on the mechanic of the truncheon is intended.

For other truncheons, likely it was intended due to lower health bars, particularly on exiles and darfari. However, for the CdG, I highly doubt it. It would make the farming of it useless. It’s an extremely low drop rate and is bound to piss off anyone that finally gets it, only to realize it doesn’t actually work. The flavor text hasn’t changed either:

“Using this truncheon on unworthy foes will not simply knock them out but crack their skulls in the process.”


It was not intended.
The way many effects and statuses are applied only works if the weapon has damage.

I ran into this issue when creating weapons in a mod, and I had to give 1 damage instead of 0 for the effect of the weapon to apply (which was an invisible status dealing percentage damage)

So basically, Coup de Grace most likely applies a status effect to enemies hit, and that status checks if they are knocked out, if they are T4 or not, and kills them if they are not T4. But since the truncheon no longer deals damage, the status effect is not applied either.

I call spaghetti code on this one :notlikethis: :spaghetti:

Edit: You can also find this out due to Szeth’s Truncheon no longer applying its headache effect :theworst:


Good call. I didn’t notice this, but makes sense. Hopefully they’ll go in and change these individually.

@Community please see these issues with legendary truncheons and make appropriate adjustments.

There’s too much! We don’t stop asking for more and i am not sure the personel is enough. It’s not the first time after an update coup de grace come out “bugged”.
They need simple reports, just to the point to be helped.
And they fix, worry not.

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Well, with my 2 weeks modding experience, having never used unreal engine before, I can already pinpoint accurately the cause of this bug.

This is not a question of lack of personnel, 10 people will not fix this faster than 1 person, because the fix is quick and very simple → Make special truncheons deal damage again, give them 1 damage…

Now if that 1 damage still ends up killing some mobs after multiple hits, the fix is for the truncheon’s status effect to also heal the target for the damage it dealt (you can achieve that by dealing a negative amount of damage)

By the way, if the developers had tested their changes more than 3 minutes, they would also have noticed the weird behaviors of NPCs when you hit them with a truncheon that deals 0 damage… Yeah, go hit an isolated NPC, the Lone Fisherman for instance, and watch him not defend himself at all :slight_smile:

The problem is not lack of personnel, but lack of testing, and arguably lack of competence.

If I can instantly come up with a quick fix when I just modded a few weapons and armors, I’m sure a competent developer who knows all the systems of their game, who actually pays attention to their work, and who tests the changes, could have found the solution by themselves and even avoided the bug from being released!

You know, when you code you end up with bugs… That’s why you test your damn changes before releasing this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: for customers. Imagine a car mechanic who changes your wheels but doesn’t double check that they are attached properly before returning the vehicle… Yeah, it’s that simple, you know what you have changed, you even track it down with patch notes!!! And yet you throw this untested clownery out and release a whacky update.

TLDR: Extensive testing is required to avoid releasing something crippled with bugs, and this is evidently lacking in Conan Exiles.


Multigun is one of the Modders that’s in this years now. It’s no wonder he was the first nominee of Asuras chosen. He is one of the persons that knows a lot from devkit, one thing it’s certain is that it’s chaotic.
Another thing it’s certain is that it is not fully released to public.
So keep small basket no matter if the promised cherries are many.
Have fun with this hobby and prepare to sail in deep seas :+1:t6:

Nah, I’m done with modding, was fun but I have other things to do. I don’t even have the modkit anymore.

Just wanted to say that anyone who has worked on weapons that apply a status effect would find the fix for Coup de Grace in no time.

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