Some Seed Merchants

What if there was a merchant in that sold seeds for trees to place in your base? They could be in different places of the map for different types of trees.
There could be a new planter just for them, too.
They could sell palm trees in the jungle, frost trees in the Highlands, etc.


you got something here, maybe it would be a real add to the game if merchants had unique item or ressources that only them would sale


This could be a good way to introduce Fruit Trees. Buy the seeds and grow them ourselves. They could then periodically produce some fruit for us for collection.


or another source of food that could also hidrate ?

If i remember right there was a post by someone about vegetarian food, he would be happy with fruit trees^^


[quote=“Croms_Faithful, post:3, topic:78791, full:true”]
This could be a good way to introduce Fruit Trees. Buy the seeds and grow them ourselves. They could then periodically produce some fruit for us for collection.
[/quote] What if fruit trees produced fruit based on how much compost or poop you placed in it’s planter?


I was thinking about decor. lol.

The most part of things I do in the game are just for decor, if they have also a function is just a benefit :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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As far as I know, Grey Lotus seeds can’t be found anywhere beside Arena chests, so yes, it would be great if we could also buy them

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Simply put: Yes.

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Trees for decor sounds great too, Im up for any new types of trees. I cant never seem to have enough placeables. Some palms and larger ones which can be used to substitute lost vegetation around my base.

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Sure. It would be good if it functioned similarly to the Compost pile of Beehive. The more (and better) components we use, the more it produces. Much like the worker bee vs queen bee yields.

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It was true, now it’s not. :blush:

—spoiler allert—

They are now found also in Xaltar/s Refuge in the chests near the new boss

In any case I agree, with the new fishes anyway grey lotus is no more so unique and powerful (you can now gain the same bufs with so many other ways), so a seed merchant would be great :+1:

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The side courtyard could use some shade. Trees would be nice.

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I also turned up a very small number of Grey Lotus flowers and seeds in the Warmakers Sanctuary, 2 and 1 respectively if I remember correctly.


lol, I was going to suggest this. Yes please, +1
Would be nice if their “planter” is a round short base (like stones) that in the end are around the tree like in gardens, to differentiate from normal trees we can cut down and trees for visual aesthetics.

And with that, yes, this was the second suggestion I was going to make :laughing:

Nice to see many of us are of the same mind.


This is good Hazaron. I think some do not realise just how much support and demand there actually is for more trees and fruit trees. The vote count on the OP says it all. I really hope we this happens someday.


I freakin’ wana eat an peach !


Here you are Bourgmestre indulge yourself. :peach: Hopefully the next one you recieve will be off an in game Fruit Tree. :wink:


I’m all for fruit trees.

Even more so if it comes as part of a Farming update.

Give us a Small (2x2 foundations, 3 plants) and Large (3x3 foundations, 8 plants). And then Farmer thralls to tend to them.

Fuel to power it: Compost lasts 6 hours apiece, Potent Compost lasts 12 hours.

Stick seeds into the slots for the plant to grow. The inventory of the Plot will then reap the harvest as a passive over time.

Farmer quality increases the yield up to 200% and allows the compost to last longer.

Then incorporate some fruit trees into this. Offhand, with how the Exiled Lands is, I’d say Bananas and Mangos could fit in with the east. Apples and Peaches in the central plains. Apricots and Persimmons even.

You could then add in some strawberries, melons, corn, wheat, etc.

It would allow you to greatly expand and alter the cooking as well, replacing some existing recipes, like using Seeds to make bread.


I support a farming system also. It is simply a logical move when facing the prospect of being permanently trapoed in an unforgiving environment. As ‘settlers’, a renewable food source is good planning and simple common sense if any settlement wants to thrive. That is why civilizations moved from the hunter gatherer system to the fixed settlement system.

Regarding the Fruit Trees, it would be great if as you said we had different fruits according to biome. It gives each biome a unique resource of its a own, and a reason to make return trips to them. Here was my original suggestion:

24. Fruit Trees:
It would seem that another user has just beat me to this one a few days ago, and it also seems to be becoming quite popular. As straight foward as it sounds, much like berry bushes, it would be nice to have a number of harvestable fruit trees and bushes scattered around the map. We could have a variety according to the biome. Four example, prickly pears in the Desert, coconuts or bannanas in the Jungle. A step further? Maybe something cool and unusual in the Volcano, and perhaps even something downright dark and tainted in the Unnamed City (again a reason to go back there), and so on. Sometimes its the simple things which give the most satisfaction.

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