Some solutions come from within

So a few weeks ago I was sitting in my server’s discord with about 20 community members talking.
We were talking about various things conan related and then one member remarked that considering how many were online…“IT be cool if we all invaded another pvp server.” I instantly told everyone in Discord to be quiet and I asked who had said that. The player who did spoke up… “that is GENIUS!” I said. And with that I hunted for another server. We had a theme. I would be Dr.Seuss. The group would be Thing 1 2… etc. We found a server that had a crazy clan size … something like 30. We then all entered together. I made sure we all followed the rules of the server. We then began exploring to find a spot to build our temp base. While exploring saw an interesting base that had 3 buildings connected via elevators. This particular server allowed for raiding on noob river. We barely hit level 20 and armed with mainly stone weapons we attacked the base… No bombs…just weapons and the fact they had defensive thralls with better gear. The owner emerged a level 60 with far better gear and legendary weapons… He begged for help and a few server regulars rushed to his aid. Despite the lack of gear we had and their better gear and levels… We strategically fought them and killed them… one of them foolishly brought bombs with them… and killed him too. With that in hand we were able to raid that base. We laughed about it. Said good game and we left the server. Our event a success.

WE did this without requiring a character transfer. We did this without requiring any special mechanism from Funcom. We did this as a team and we had a blast.


ROFL…That is great btw This is actually a thing In ONE MMO. Guild War 2 Has it well sort of its 3 server Pit against each other so it called WvWvW. Having 4 maps spanning a max population of 100 player per faction thats roughly 300 per map to a total of 1200 player per map.

It was insane now for granted it wasnt total destruction and the only motivation for doing it was for PVE/PVP buffs that each map controlled made you a little stronger thus making your own server ability to do quest and events a little easier.

But eventually it evolve into Zerg hitting places as fast as we could…but at one point it was like all 300 player in one spot nuking the place outta each others… here is an example now for granted this was custom build server that Gw2 had for this.

I had some good times in WvW. It does turn into a zerg fest but it was organized chaos. Was a lot of fun shooting off aoe bombs via commander orders. Can go easily 8 hours non stop doing that stuff as if you only had spent 2 hours playing.

Big props to following the rules of the server you joined and not simply trolling. Sounds like you gave a good fight and was enjoyed by both sides.

at one point people didnt realized that Engineer Ultimate ability Chemical X was the Most OP stuff ever especially when you get lucky and your platoon get all tornado form…could wreck about 200 player really easy i made my engineer a stupidly strong tank they couldnt do squat against me and i could stun lock the enemy player for so long they were asking for it. only died to necro cuz lifesteal is a bane to my kits

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