Some suggestions for better quality play

Targeting always targets a friendly Thrall before an enemy. I want to kill those trying to kill me not my thrall that is trying to kill my enemies.
Please make it so I can see humans name plates sooner. I have to let them pound on me for x amount of time, sometimes in excess of 5 minutes before I can see if it is a npc I want as a thrall. Tier III and IV are the bigger ones for this.
Because of said issue before this, another thing that would fix it, add the option to slit the throat of any NPC that is knocked out. This way if I knocked out a tier III, but I need the tier IV I can kill it easier and move on. Otherwise I have to wack at it with a gathering tool for a lot longer than it should take.
When I go thrall hunting I usually take a thrall with me to help knock out the one I want while I kill all the others. What would be nice is being able to give that thrall the truncheon and a weapon and make a knock out list. Knock out tier IV kill all others Archers/Fighters of tier III + Craftsman tier IV type of deal.
A grace period after placing an item that can’t be moved. Example I place an improved furnace. Then I notice it should be adjusted a little. Or even if can’t be replaced in inventory, just always allow small adjustments, move forward backward, tilt, turn left turn right etc…
Allow us to organize our chests instead of it being locked on custom.